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Season 1

2 Oct. 1954
Episode #1.1
George introduces himself, then his orchestra leader, John Scott Trotter to his audience, then his guest, Fred Mac Murray, saxophone in hand, who wants something to do, but George refuses. Next he sings with Peggy King, then he does a skit where his wife makes him get out of bed to go get a job at an employment agency.
9 Oct. 1954
Episode #1.2
With guitar in hand, George explains what goes into a good folk song, that they should include the words "Ireland" and "Mother." So he reduces his number to just a last line only, "She's that old Irish mother of mine!" In the main skit, Angela plays George's wife, and they discuss just what to do with their incorrigible (offscreen) son after he left her tied and gagged in a kitchen chair. They consider sending him to a strict military school, and George goes off to give him a talking to, but he also gets bound up.
16 Oct. 1954
Episode #1.3
Black Friday is here and the gang finally finds out what mysterious item they just waited 5 days in line for is!
29 Jan. 1955
Episode #1.14
In his monologue, George comments on "Good Grammar Week", as he shows his own good grammar weak. At a penny arcade, he runs into Jackie Cooper, who turns out to be an old army buddy from the war. Even as it becomes clear that Jackie is a loud, pushy jerk, George is compelled to invite him home to dinner. George's wife is not happy to meet Jackie, as he gets fresh and even picks her up. Then he guzzles down what he thinks is a bottle of booze he finds in the Gobel kitchen, but it turns out to be Vanilla extract.
5 Feb. 1955
Episode #1.15
It's academy award time, but George thinks theatre audiences should be eligible too, and has several nominees. Guests Jefferey Hunter and Jeff Donnell show a homecoming scene of a Hollywood star with a wonderful disposition, then the same scene if he was a foul-tempered brute.
26 Feb. 1955
Episode #1.17
The monologue has George commenting on the ongoing turmoil in the French government. He then demonstrates several items used in the playing of Mambo music, including gourds and mule bones. In the main skit, he has a ridiculously small Italian sports car that he tries to sell to ridiculously large Buddy Baer.

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