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  • According to an ad in the Chicago Tribune for Friday, November 8, 1968, it happened on Saturday night, November 9, 1968---the ad reads:

    The Glenn Miller Story, ****N. Y. Daily News . . . From "Moonlight Seranade" to "Little Brown Jug"---the music that put all America "in the mood."

    James Stewart, June Allison, First Time on Chicago Television, in color, 10:30 pm Saturday---the Best of CBS on WBBM-TV, Channel 2


    I cannot write for New York, or LA, however, it probably also appeared on TV in those markets probably on the same date, or near that date . . . Edit

  • It is unclear whether or not the cuts have a censorship background. Either way, there is a pattern which affects audience's preception of the movie: only scenes in which Helen is giving Glenn a pep talk regarding his dream because he has his doubts about it. Edit



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