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Season 4

6 Oct. 1958
Frightened Witness
Newlyweds Carl and Jennifer Stone find themselves pursued by the Highway Patrol and a would-be killer after they witness the murder of a diner counterman.
13 Oct. 1958
Desperate to avoid capture and extradition on first-degree murder charges, a wounded fugitive takes a young woman and her paraplegic mother as hostages.
20 Oct. 1958
Family Affair
With the help of her son, a woman plans and executes her husband's daring escape from police custody.
27 Oct. 1958
Transmitter Danger
Two men steal dynamite and blasting caps for use in future crimes, unaware that any radio transmission signal could trigger the caps and set off a devastating explosion.
Nov. 1958
Gambling Story
A racketeer's attempt to take over an illicit gambling house in a small town leads to murder.
Nov. 1958
Train Copter
The Highway Patrol helicopter is called into action to pursue a train carrying a bank robber and $35,000 in stolen money.
Nov. 1958
Portrait of Death
When a reclusive artist is murdered, Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams are dubious that robbery was actually the motive for the killing.
24 Nov. 1958
Train Robbery
Two men plan to cause a train wreck as part of a plot to steal $750,000 in government currency.
Dec. 1958
Deadly Diamonds
A man and his two accomplices use inside information to steal valuable gems from traveling jewelry salesmen.
Blood Money
A protection racket results in murder when a railroad yard worker refuses to continue making payments.
15 Dec. 1958
False Confession
A desperate man confesses to a crime he did not commit in order to obtain a $5,000 reward for his family.
22 Dec. 1958
Confidence Game
A con man assaults the elderly victim of a $5,000 swindle as a "warning", but his female partner becomes fearful of a murder charge when the old man dies of a heart attack immediately after the assault.
Jan. 1959
Split Robbery
Two men rob a series of supermarkets by taking the market managers' wives as hostages.
Jan. 1959
The Trap
The Highway Patrol sets a trap by transporting a crime boss to death row in hopes of enticing his henchmen to risk capture by trying to rescue him, but the henchmen may try to kill him instead.
Jan. 1959
A crusading newspaper reporter finds his life threatened when he becomes the target of a gang of ruthless extortionists.
29 Dec. 1958
Breath of a Child
Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams race to find a sailor who was exposed to spinal meningitis while saving the life of an infant.
26 Jan. 1959
Narcotics Racket
Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams pursue two swindlers who pose as a corrupt narcotics agent and a heroin pusher in order to extort bribe money from their victims.
Feb. 1959
Copter Cave-In
The Highway Patrol helicopter is used to pursue an escaped convict and rescue a prospector trapped in a cave-in caused by the escapee.
Gem Robbery
Rita Hudson accepts delivery of $35,000 worth of imported diamonds on behalf of her employer, Mr. Van Dyce. She is immediately abducted by thieves Ernest Zober and Chuck Barton, who received information concerning her movements from Lydia Stevens (Mr. Van Dyce's executive assistant). Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams investigate and deduce that Rita was a victim rather than a perpetrator. They suspect that Lydia may be involved and Dan drops hints that that the Highway Patrol has a detailed description of Zober and Barton and their car. When Lydia panics, Zober and ...
16 Feb. 1959
Mexican Chase
Dan Mathews solicits assistance from his Mexican counterpart to capture three thieves who are stealing cars in the U. S. and selling them in Mexico.
23 Feb. 1959
Framed Cop
A criminal attempts to avenge his younger brother's life sentence by executing a meticulously planned scheme that will make Sergeant Williams appear to be guilty of felony hit and run.
2 Mar. 1959
The Collector
A wounded and frightened ex-con flees after accidentally killing a blackmailer.
9 Mar. 1959
A bitter young man whose father was killed in an automobile accident is stubbornly determined to murder the man who was driving the other car.
Brave Boy
A small boy is the only witness to a botched burglary that results in the death of his father and serious injury to his mother.
Diversion Robbery
Two men use explosions as a diversionary tactic to distract attention from the scenes of their holdups.
Cargo Hijack
An "Import Company" warehouse is used as a front for storage of merchandise stolen in a series of truck hijackings.
6 Apr. 1959
An armed robber wearing actors' makeup is able to obtain rides in the cars of his victims, but an unplanned murder results when one man fights back.
12 Apr. 1959
Illegal Entry
An extortionist smuggles Mexican workers into the U.S. illegally, then threatens them with exposure (and lengthy jail sentences) if they do not give him half their wages.
19 Apr. 1959
Killer on the Run
An old lady and her younger woman friend are endangered when they offer a ride to a fugitive thief who committed two murders in order to steal counterfeit currency plates.
27 Apr. 1959
Prisoner Exchange Copter
The wife of a sheriff is abducted and held as a hostage in an attempt to secure the release of a crime boss.
4 May 1959
Dan Hostage
Dan Mathews offers himself as a hostage after a nervous gunman botches a diner robbery and critically wounds the proprietor.
11 May 1959
Women Escapees
Following an unplanned prison escape, convicted killers Lita Morgan and Caroline Craig leave a trail of robbery and murder in their wake.
18 May 1959
Auto Press
The perpetrator of a robbery and murder attempts to dispose of the getaway car by convincing his brother to crush it beyond recognition in a large hydraulic press.
Express Delivery
A thief abducts a gem courier and uses his identification in an attempt to steal a jewel collection worth $200,000.
1 Jun. 1959
Desperate Men
Two fugitives get into the boiler room of a hospital and threaten to destroy the building by tying down the safety valve if they are not permitted to go free.
Paul Jordan is killed in broad daylight by his three accomplices in a bank robbery that resulted in the theft of $100,000. Jordan manages to kill one of the attackers, but the two survivors of the gun battle (Joe and Blake) deduce that his widow Gloria will know the money's whereabouts. Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams come to the same conclusion and stake out Gloria Jordan's farm. Gloria attempts to flee to Chicago after mailing the money to her destination, but Joe intercepts her. She is treated roughly until Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams utilize the element of...
15 Jun. 1959
Detour to Death
Two men and a woman use phony police uniforms and a fake detour sign to lure potential victims into concealed areas.
Pyromaniac Judd Patterson sets a warehouse ablaze and gets away in a stolen car. He abandons the car and hitches a ride with farmer Claude Norpel, who offers him temporary employment as a hired hand. An arson investigator gives Patterson's name as a possible suspect, and Dan Mathews and Sergeant Williams trace him to Norpel's farm. However, they arrive after he has already assaulted Norpel, knocked him unconscious, and is about to set the barn ablaze with Norpel still in it. Sergeant Williams distracts Patterson while Dan Mathews overpowers him, but the barn is set ...
29 Jun. 1959
Bank Messenger
A husband and wife team rob couriers with large amounts of cash, then kill them so that there will be no witnesses.

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