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S1, Ep7177
5 Jan. 1984
Episode #1.7177
Mike and Nancy leave on their trip. Raven expresses her frustration with Mrs. DeGroot. Sky bonds with Jamey Jeremy tells Shelley he's worried about her. Miles and Derek confer about Chris.
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S1, Ep7185
17 Jan. 1984
Episode #1.7185
Raven orders Gunther to cozy up to Jamey's nanny Mrs. DeGroot to make her nicer. Mitzi talks about her depression with Preacher. Marty asks a stranger why he's trailing his grandfather.
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S1, Ep7188
20 Jan. 1984
Episode #1.7188
Mrs. DeGroot gives her opinion about child rearing prompting eye rolling. Mike shares his experience being sightless with Chris. Jeremy listens as Shelley talks despairingly. Shelley calls the suicide hot line, Preacher answers.
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S1, Ep7190
24 Jan. 1984
Episode #1.7190
Sky and Raven are getting romantic in bed when interrupted by Jamey. The trio have a sweet family moment. Shelley calls the suicide hot line and drunkenly talks to Beth. Derek and Calvin search the distraught woman.
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S1, Ep7192
26 Jan. 1984
Episode #1.7192
Miles arrives with groceries, hoping for a night of romance with Chris. Raven and Sky discuss Standing Elk's case with Geraldine. Jeremy, Mitzi, and Cliff visit Shelley in the hospital. Mike reveals to other club members Sky has his money back.
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S1, Ep7195
31 Jan. 1984
Episode #1.7195
Lynn thinks she's being followed and ducks into the radio station. Beth acts frosty with Miles but won't say why. Preacher plans a night with Jody at college. Shelley and Jeremy make out, Shelley expresses her passion for acting.
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S1, Ep7196
1 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7196
Preacher suspects Dr. Corell is bothered by something. Jody and Preacher plan on spending the night at her dorm. Cliff and Didi hear the Whitneys out concerning their amateur sleuthing. Mitzi has too much time on her hands.
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S1, Ep7200
7 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7200
Geraldine confronts Shelley about her debts. Calvin updates Mike and Derek about the suspects in the attack on Chris. Nancy informs Alicia she's done writing. Lane creates a scene concerning his love for Nancy.
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S1, Ep7201
8 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7201
Raven explains to Jamey why Sky no longer lives with them. Beth and Miles discuss his feelings for Chris. Jody visits Preacher at the radio station but finds him busy. Sky bluffs his way to a big win at the poker table.
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S1, Ep7202
9 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7202
After the poker game Sky and Mike realize both are keeping secrets. Sky discusses the difficulty of being a parent to Jamey with Gunther. Derek receives a strange call at the radio station. Derek learns Beth is in love with Miles.
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S1, Ep7203
10 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7203
Raven and Gunther argue about Monsieur Henri. Miles helps Chris rehearse for her dinner date with Derek. Derek and Chris encounter Moe who just ordered his henchmen to kill the Whitneys. Shelley moves in with Geraldine.
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S1, Ep7205
14 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7205
Calvin investigates the destruction at the Whitney mansion. Miles wants to discuss their relationship, Chris objects. Standing Elk calls off the lawsuit after a caller threatens his grandson Marty's life.
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S1, Ep7207
16 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7207
Chris welcomes her son Matthew to the farm. She prepares a farewell dinner for Miles and Derek. Cliff stops by to ask Raven and Sky about Standing Elk's case. Rave is outraged at Geraldine for letting Shelley move in.
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S1, Ep7208
17 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7208
The Egans worry about leaving their blind daughter Chris on the farm but she insists. Calvin visits Alicia to ask her a few questions. Raven and Sky are ready to leave town. Preacher goes to see Jody at the University.
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S1, Ep7209
20 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7209
Derek and Calvin think there is a connection between Wilts Publishing and the mob. Jamey's return brings joy to Raven but Geraldine is apprehensive. Chris is at an isolated house with Matthew and is being watched by criminal types.
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S1, Ep7211
22 Feb. 1984
Episode #1.7211
Derek and Miles charter a plane to rescue Chris. A man stalking Chris enters the house but Chris has already sent Matthew outdoors to safety. Sky and Raven contemplate their future with Jamey.
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S1, Ep7224
12 Mar. 1984
Episode #1.7224
Raven is troubled that she is mother to a five year old. Miles talks to Preacher and Myrna about Beth's collapse from exhaustion. Cliff and Didi urge Standing Elk to return. A shooter tries to kill the Whitneys on their arrival from Paris.
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S1, Ep7225
13 Mar. 1984
Episode #1.7225