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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Three (water-turned-blood, fiery hail, and the death of the firstborn). The frog plague was shot using rubber frogs with mechanisms that allowed them to hop, but the scene (which included Nefretiri) either didn't work or seemed too amusing to include in the film and was eventually discarded. However, a still photograph of that scene does survive.

    The other plagues, although not seen, are mentioned in the film. After God turns the Nile to blood, the Egyptian high priest Jannes says that the Egyptians have also been "plagued by frogs, by lice, by flies, by sickness, by boils." Rameses also talks about "the three days of darkness." An Egyptian noble asks the Pharaoh, "Can taxes be collected from dead cattle and blighted harvests?" Edit

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