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Season 2

25 Oct. 1961
Waiting for Jocko
After Dr. Hyatt labels him a "constitutional psychopathic inferior" before the parole board, "Jocko" Townsend (Hunter) receives a sentence extension of five years. When he's released, he decides to celebrate Dr. Hyatt's birthday by holding him hostage and blowing him up at the exact hour and minute of his birth. The situation becomes more complicated as first Jed and then Don drop by to visit. Hyatt has exactly one hour to analyze Jocko's dysfunction and dissuade him from carrying out his ingenious homicidal plan..
3 Jan. 1962
A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Game
Jack Bowen(basically Jack Benny playing himself) is Grand Marshal of the Pioneer Bowl.after he finds a time bomb in his briefcase,he calls Checkmate to help him.*SPOILER ALERT*Midwest wins the Pioneer Bowl 42-0.
10 Jan. 1962
The Star System
Movie star Vicky Page is accused of trying to murder an actress who's having an affair with her boyfriend. Jed Sills is hired by the studio for public relations and to keep an eye on the suicidal actress.
17 Jan. 1962
The Renaissance of Gussie Hill
A worker at a luxury women's spa is threatened when her former boyfriend is released from prison.
24 Jan. 1962
A Very Rough Sketch
A young man who has just won an art contest learns that his father has been arrested for embezzling from his company. Now Checkmate must find a good influence who can stop him from turning violent.
30 Jan. 1962
The Yacht-Club Gang
After a prominent attorney and president of a yacht club board is nearly killed in an auto accident, the manager of the club calls in Checkmate suspecting foul play.
7 Feb. 1962
Death Beyond Recall
Famous defense attorney John Baker arranges for his own assassination after receiving notice that he is about to be investigated by the bar association, but then changes his mind.
14 Feb. 1962
The Sound of Nervous Laughter
A theatrical actress consults Checkmate after her husband and stage star is nearly killed in an apparent accident during a rehearsal.
21 Feb. 1962
An Assassin Arrives, Andante
Checkmate is hired by the director of a music conservatory that fronts for an Eastern Bloc freedom movement to protect his cello instructor who has been targeted for assassination.
28 Feb. 1962
Remembrance of Crimes Past
Checkmate tries to prevent a woman who was convicted and jailed for treason from returning to her former crimes.
7 Mar. 1962
The Heart Is a Handout
Jed goes undercover at a hobo camp to prevent the leader from being murdered.
14 Mar. 1962
Brooding Fixation
The son of a wealthy industrialist killed in a gun accident believes that it may have been murder.
21 Mar. 1962
A Chant of Silence
Carl Hyatt gets held up at a Monastery where he has an encounter with two hoodlums who threaten to kill a few of the priests that work at the Monastery he is held up at.
28 Mar. 1962
Trial by Midnight
Judge Leland McIntyre, teaching a night class in advanced criminal law, announces that several sessions of the class will be devoted to the review of a controversial capital murder case over which he presided years ago. Upon that announcement, someone begins trying to kill him. Checkmate suspects that it is one of the students in the course, which includes a holdout juror from that trial and the daughter of the defendant.
4 Apr. 1962
Ride a Wild Horse
The girlfriend of a rodeo rider calls in Checkmate because she is worried her social-climbing brother will try to harm him.
11 Apr. 1962
So Beats My Plastic Heart
A wealthy art patroness who runs s home for struggling artists asks Checkmste to investigate when she receives death threats. Suspicion falls upon her three boarders.
18 Apr. 1962
In a Foreign Quarter
A university-affiliated psychiatrist hires Checkmate to prevent his wife from killing a man who is allegedly blackmailing her.
25 Apr. 1962
Referendum on Murder
Checkmate is hired by the wife of a newspaper editor whose life is threatened because he opposes a local referendum that would legalize gambling.
2 May 1962
The Someday Man
A former football star always looking for the next big windfall gets into serious trouble with the mob, who want him to influence his young protege to shave points in the next big football game.
9 May 1962
Rendezvous in Washington
A married wealthy industrialist being considered for the position of Overseas Director at a large philanthropic organization calls Checkmate after threats are made against the woman with whom he is having an affair.
16 May 1962
The Bold and the Tough
A cut-throat investor hires Checkmate to protect an incorporated ranch owner after someone takes a shot at him just before a crucial board meeting.
23 May 1962
Will the Real Killer Please Stand Up?
Three brothers due to inherit an equal split of $40 million hire Checkmate to prevent themselves from killing each other.
6 Jun. 1962
Down the Gardenia Path
Checkmate is called in by a convention manager when one of her guest speakers vanishes and it appears he may have been a victim of blackmail.
20 Jun. 1962
Side by Side
Record label A&R man Chuck Palmer calls in Checkmate after the arrogant younger half of his hit vocal duo starts receiving threats for his escapades with married women.

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