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17 Sep. 1960
Death Runs Wild
When wealthy widow Beatrice Martin Kipp hires Checkmate, Jed and Dr. Hyatt must travel with her to her ranch to discover who is trying to kill her.
24 Sep. 1960
Interrupted Honeymoon
A desperate criminal, intending to flee the country, kidnaps a newly-wed bridegroom and takes his place, but not before the bride calls in Checkmate for help.
1 Oct. 1960
The Cyanide Touch
Dean Stockwell guest stars as a college student out to avenge the death of his fraternity brother who was killed by a car thief.
15 Oct. 1960
Lady on the Brink
A witness set to testify in a murder trial seeks the help of Checkmate fearing someone is attempting to discredit her testimony by making it appear that she is mentally unstable.
22 Oct. 1960
Face in the Window
A well respected archaeologist is about to murder a mysterious man, supposedly dead for many years. The doctor's fiancée hires the Checkmate team to stop the murder.
29 Oct. 1960
A girl shows up at Corey's apartment, claiming that she is running from someone who is trying to kill her. However, the detectives all find that nothing she has said checks out, including her numerous aliases, and that she's actually an heiress running from a controlling grandmother. But it does appear that the part about someone trying to kill her may be the truth.
5 Nov. 1960
Target: Tycoon
A woman hired Checkmate to prevent the murder of her father, an oil magnate. He suspects his assailant is an ex-partner and wants a private showdown with his nemesis.
12 Nov. 1960
Deadly Shadow
A young widow is attacked and the only photograph of her dead husband, a Marine private is stolen. Checkmate investigates to thwart a conspiracy against her and the private the military claims never existed.
19 Nov. 1960
The Dark Divide
Barbara Rush plays a dual role as the inhibited Margaret Russell and the wild, heartless Nikki Garnett who feels no remorse for robbing a casino that results in the death of an accomplice. Checkmate is hired to prevent Nikki from destroying Margaret.
26 Nov. 1960
Moment of Truth
While on vacation in Tijuana, Don and Jed become involved in a murder investigation when Jed becomes the principal suspect.
3 Dec. 1960
The Mask of Vengeance
Checkmate is hired to protect an Ambassador's daughter receiving death threats from the Asian community after killing a Chinese child with her car. She has a history of speeding and is not being charged because of diplomatic immunity.
17 Dec. 1960
The Murder Game
The detectives are shocked when one of their mentors, a highly respected attorney and legal scholar now terminally ill, summons them to his home, along with six other people whom he once successfully defended in murder trials. He announces that one of the six was actually guilty of the crime, though he doesn't say which one, and that he intends to make that person pay now for their crime.
31 Dec. 1960
The Princess in the Tower
Corry and Sills's cleaning woman is killed in a fall just after warning Sills of a plot to kill a "princess"---a young woman who is planning a major renovation of some properties she owns.

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