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7 Jan. 1961
Terror from the East
A missionary arrives from the east and contacts Checkmate to warn them about a plot to kill Tom Lin, a Chinese patriot currently in hiding in San Francisco; he has apparently been shot in the arm while trying to find Lin and warn him of the danger he is in. It soon turns out, however, that the missionary is actually an assassin sent to kill the daughter of Win Lee, a former Chinese warlord also residing in San Francisco.
14 Jan. 1961
The Human Touch
Alonzo Pace Graham, freed from prison after 15 years, seeks revenge on Dr. Carl Hyatt. Graham devises an elaborate plot intended not only to kill Hyatt but ruin his reputation as well. Hyatt is implicated in a murder - a murder that never occurred.
21 Jan. 1961
Hour of Execution
When a judge and friend of Dr. Hyatt receives telephone calls and letters threatening his life if a man he sent to death row is e executed, Checkmate investigates the guilty man and the judge's character.
28 Jan. 1961
Don't Believe a Word She Says
Checkmate has more than one mystery to solve when they are hired by an unknown client to protect an unknown victim from an unknown killer at Felicia Royden's remote estate. Jed and Dr. Hyatt, posing as servants for the family, are puzzled by Mrs. Royden's strange little girl, Carol, who apparently makes up wild stories for no reason, but they soon begin to think Carol may hold the key to the mystery.
4 Feb. 1961
Laugh Till I Die
The Checkmate boys have their hands full in protecting their client Danny Whitman from racketeer Frank Marsdon when Danny starts a one-man crusade against the crime king-pin and his wife. Marsdon's drunken wife, Corinne, killed two people in a car accident, and Danny, determined not to see justice thwarted by Marsdon's threats and bribes, continues to publicize the accident and subsequent trial on his television show, gaining for him the animosity of Frank Marsdon. What Checkmate doesn't know is that Danny has now become a pawn in another person's scheme against ...
11 Feb. 1961
Between Two Guns
The Checkmate team has big trouble when Joe Farrell and his gang of hoods take them hostage at gunpoint. Farrell wants Don Corey to bring his estranged wife Jean and some stolen money he hid in her apartment to a boat where he intends skipping the country. If Don fails, both Jed and Dr. Hyatt, held hostage in their separate homes, will be killed. Farrell can't go for Jean himself, as rival gangsters are out after him; to complicate things even more, Farrell has a traitor in his gang trying to intercept Don and Jean who are desperately trying to bring the money to the ...
25 Feb. 1961
Melody for Murder
Checkmate is hired by a pop singer's agent to investigate death threats. Jed goes undercover as an aide to the performer and travels with him to Hollywood where the threats escalate to gun shots.
11 Mar. 1961
The Gift
Lola Tuscany, a temperamental lady soprano, is having premonitions of her death. After her concert she is almost poisoned and Checkmate Inc. is hired to keep her safe. Don Corey is skeptical, believing it is a publicity stunt, until he is nearly killed when a bomb explodes in the car he and Lola are driving in.
18 Mar. 1961
One for the Book
Audrey Meadows stars as a writer of a scandalous, best-selling novel based on an unsolved twenty-year old murder in her small town. She is writing a sequel that reveals the killer and hires Checkmate for protection when attempts are made to silence her.
1 Apr. 1961
Jungle Castle
After two attempts on his life, big game hunter Lee Tabor brings Dr. Hyatt and Carl to his home in the Malayan jungle. He asks for their help in finding out which of his three house guests is trying to kill him.
8 Apr. 1961
The Deadly Silence
Gangsters chase a deaf schoolteacher who has read their lips and so learned of their plan to bring fellow mobster Antonio Lucas into the country from Cuba.
6 May 1961
Voyage Into Fear
Joan Fontaine plays a woman who claims her husband is trying to kill her. Corey accompanied her on a cruise ship to protect her but her odd behavior raises doubts. Also onboard watching her closely is a private detective who claims to be hired by her husband,
10 Jun. 1961
Hot Wind on a Cold Town
A Washed up Hollywood Movie Stuntman's life is being threatened by someone working on a movie he is in, Don from Checkmate steps in to try to figure out who is the one responsible for the threats & he also tries to stop him from actually murdering the stuntman who's life is hanging in the balance.
24 Jun. 1961
State of Shock
A series of carefully planned "accidents" aimed at a wealthy heiress who is the wife of hospital's director is investigated by Checkmate. Don ends up as a patient after suffering an accident on the property.
25 Oct. 1961
Waiting for Jocko
After Dr. Hyatt labels him a "constitutional psychopathic inferior" before the parole board, "Jocko" Townsend (Hunter) receives a sentence extension of five years. When he's released, he decides to celebrate Dr. Hyatt's birthday by holding him hostage and blowing him up at the exact hour and minute of his birth. The situation becomes more complicated as first Jed and then Don drop by to visit. Hyatt has exactly one hour to analyze Jocko's dysfunction and dissuade him from carrying out his ingenious homicidal plan..

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