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Season 2

15 Sep. 1962
The Voices of Death
Martha Harrow has killed her husband - a sadistic alcoholic wife-beater.
22 Sep. 1962
Blood County
Lawrence and Kenneth Preston go to Blood County, Pennsylvania, to represent a hunter who has been coerced into confessing to a killing he didn't commit. They find that local law enforcement doesn't want any "outside agitators" in their community, and they soon become the objects of threats--and more.
29 Sep. 1962
The Indelible Silence
An American Nazi is accused of murdering the caretaker of a synagogue.
13 Oct. 1962
The Unwanted
Dr. Silberman and his wife have raised young Emily as if she were their own child, but now her real mother wants her back.
20 Oct. 1962
Madman: Part 1
The Prestons defend a disturbed young man accused of the murder of a girl he picked up and for which the state is demanding the death penalty. Although a court-appointed psychiatrist has evaluated him as sane, it's obvious that the man is, at the least, psychotic with some serious mother issues, but the Prestons discover that the state is in no mood to cut a deal and is determined to convict the man and put him to death.
3 Nov. 1962
The Bigamist
Steve Janos has left his alcoholic wife and re-married - but he neglected to get divorced first.
17 Nov. 1962
The Avenger
When a famous doctor is murdered, a suspicion arises that he may have been an escaped Nazi war criminal.
15 Dec. 1962
The Apostle
A street preacher, Peter Brinks, is accused of robbery.
29 Dec. 1962
Death Takes the Stand
Howard March is desperate to prevent his daughter from going to Vermont with her boyfriend.
5 Jan. 1963
Kill or Be Killed
An unjustly-convicted man breaks out of jail just as evidence comes through that can clear him - but, in the escape, he's killed a man.
12 Jan. 1963
Man Against Himself
A young black man walking his girlfriend home through New York City's Central Park is accosted by a group of intoxicated white men. Words are exchanged and a fight breaks out, during which one of the white men is hit and dies. The black man is charged with manslaughter, but tells the judge that he doesn't want lawyer and will defend himself. The judge allows it but assigns Larry and Ken Preston to give him legal advice, even though he doesn't want it and in fact mocks the lawyers assigned to him and antagonizes the court during the trial.
19 Jan. 1963
The Poisoned Fruit Doctrine
Should evidence obtained by wire-tapping be valid in a courtroom?
26 Jan. 1963
Temporarily stranded on Fire Island with a group of other weekend visitors, Kenneth Preston finds himself investigating a murder.
2 Feb. 1963
After planting evidence to incriminate her husband, Beatrice Hillyer coolly arranges her own death at the hands of an assassin.
9 Feb. 1963
The Hour Before Doomsday
The Prestons defend a journalist in a libel suit brought by a self-styled "prophet".
9 Mar. 1963
The Last Illusion
After a famous illusionist dies during a complex trick, murder is suspected.
23 Mar. 1963
The Heathen
A teacher seems likely to lose his job after being accused of promoting atheism.
30 Mar. 1963
A Book for Burning
A famous writer is accused of writing an obscene book.
13 Apr. 1963
The Colossus
On the verge of discovering a cure for cancer, Dr. Chaney is accused of murder.
27 Apr. 1963
The Noose
Arriving for a trial in a small Southern town, the Prestons find their client has been lynched.
11 May 1963
Everybody Else Is Dead
Whilst representing Mrs. Potter in her divorce, widower Lawrence Preston finds himself falling in love with her.

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