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6 Jan. 1962
The Bedside Murder
After agreeing to leave a large sum of money to her doctor, a wealthy woman dies. Did the doctor murder her to get the inheritance?
20 Jan. 1962
The Search
A man confesses to a murder for which someone else has already been executed---a man Lawrence defended. Lawrence tries to find out what went wrong.
27 Jan. 1962
Storm at Birch Glen
A young inmate at a reform school is found beaten, and his cottage "duke" orders him to say it was his cottage supervisor who beat him. The boy dies, and the Prestons defend the supervisor, but find resistance from others at the school and in the neighboring town.
3 Feb. 1962
The Point Shaver
The Prestons defend a sports star accused of fixing a game.
10 Feb. 1962
The Locked Room
The emphasis is on a jury as it deliberates the fate of a woman accused of killing her husband's apparent mistress.
17 Feb. 1962
The Empty Chute
An army sergeant is charged with murdering a fellow officer by cutting the lines in his parachute, thus causing it not to open when he jumped. He requests the Prestons to assist in his defense even though they are civilians.
24 Feb. 1962
The Crusader
Convinced the original trial was rushed, Kenneth decides to reopen the case of a man who has just been denied parole after serving 12 years in prison for rape.
3 Mar. 1962
The Hickory Indian
Lawrence Preston finds himself opposed in court by his old law teacher, the famous Professor Hopkins.
10 Mar. 1962
The Iron Man
A college law professor asks the Prestons to defend a campus fascist leader accused of ordering the beating of a student who took issue with his speech. The professor and both Prestons despise the defendant's beliefs, but feel he must be represented in court.
17 Mar. 1962
The Tarnished Cross
Lawrence Preston finds himself trying to save a man from the "justice" of a kangaroo court.
31 Mar. 1962
The Last Six Months
Kenneth decides to defend a dying man who strangled his business partner after the partner refused to provide for the man's family after his death.
7 Apr. 1962
The Naked Heiress
A woman finagles a drunken college professor into leaving his entire estate to her daughter, a stripper whom the professor had fallen for. Shortly afterward the professor falls in front of a subway train. Lawrence and Kenneth both go to court to contest the new will, but as Ken comes to know the daughter better he decides he does not want to hurt her in the process.
21 Apr. 1962
Reunion with Death
Lawrence is called to a luncheon with six Korean War Air Force veterans, ostensibly for legal advice. But soon after he arrives he learns the real reason: they want him to act as defense counsel as they "try" one of the group for treason because they believe he gave secrets to the enemy under torture.
28 Apr. 1962
The Benefactor
The Prestons defend a doctor arrested by the police for performing illegal abortions.
5 May 1962
Along Came a Spider
The Prestons defend a retired vaudevillian who is accused of murdering his son-in-law. The main witness is the accused man's nine-year-old granddaughter.
26 May 1962
The Broken Barrelhead
The problems the Prestons are having in defending young Peter Crewe are made considerably worse by the attempts of Crewe's father to bribe a juror.
15 Sep. 1962
The Voices of Death
Martha Harrow has killed her husband - a sadistic alcoholic wife-beater.
22 Sep. 1962
Blood County
Lawrence and Kenneth Preston go to Blood County, Pennsylvania, to represent a hunter who has been coerced into confessing to a killing he didn't commit. They find that local law enforcement doesn't want any "outside agitators" in their community, and they soon become the objects of threats--and more.
29 Sep. 1962
The Indelible Silence
An American Nazi is accused of murdering the caretaker of a synagogue.
13 Oct. 1962
The Unwanted
Dr. Silberman and his wife have raised young Emily as if she were their own child, but now her real mother wants her back.
20 Oct. 1962
Madman: Part 1
The Prestons defend a disturbed young man accused of the murder of a girl he picked up and for which the state is demanding the death penalty. Although a court-appointed psychiatrist has evaluated him as sane, it's obvious that the man is, at the least, psychotic with some serious mother issues, but the Prestons discover that the state is in no mood to cut a deal and is determined to convict the man and put him to death.
3 Nov. 1962
The Bigamist
Steve Janos has left his alcoholic wife and re-married - but he neglected to get divorced first.
17 Nov. 1962
The Avenger
When a famous doctor is murdered, a suspicion arises that he may have been an escaped Nazi war criminal.
15 Dec. 1962
The Apostle
A street preacher, Peter Brinks, is accused of robbery.
29 Dec. 1962
Death Takes the Stand
Howard March is desperate to prevent his daughter from going to Vermont with her boyfriend.

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