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Episode #1.13868

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Current Episode (aired 29 May 2020)

Episode #1.13867

Xander confronts Brady about stabbing him in the back. (S55 Ep177)


2 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13762
Kristen and Lani shock their former lovers with their return and Steve-fano makes a personal request of John and Marlena. (S55 Ep71)
6 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13764
Sonny stops in to see Evan; Hope-Gina shocks Rafe; Xander threatens Ben who is supported by Will; Steve-fano hurts Kayla; and Ciara's confrontation of her grandfather takes a dark turn. (S55 Ep73)
7 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13765
Maggie and Brady learn about Victor's grave condition; Kristen manipulates Gabi; Lani tells Eli a half-truth; and Xander blames Ciara. (S55 Ep74)
8 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13766
Nicole lies to Kristen; Lani confides in JJ; John consoles Brady; Eli questions Gabi; Sonny is tempted; Kate warns Will; and Evan is concerned about his past. (S55 Ep75)
9 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13767
Steve-fano makes a major slip in front of Jack; Brady decides to support Nicole's ruse; Chad warns Kristen; Xander cautions Ciara; and Victor's surgery ends. (S55 Ep76)
10 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13768
Ben receives devastating news; Steve-fano questions Kristen's loyalty; John questions Hope-Gina; Justin tries to appeal to Victor's better side; and Kayla leans on Marlena. (S55 Ep77)
15 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13771
Princess Gina and Stefano come up with a plan to get what they want, Rafe is happy to hear his sister's news, and JJ comes up with an idea on how to get Gabi's cell phone in order to disable the pacemaker app. (S55 Ep80)
16 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13772
Lani asks Kristen to cover for JJ, Kayla's disconcerted over an oddity in Julie's pacemaker, and Stevano convinces John to leave Salem with him. (S55 Ep81)
17 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.13773
Sarah and Eric return to Salem, Maggie nags Victor to tell her why he sent an urgent text to Ciara, Brady tries to make Kristen see that he's over her, and Sonny wants answers. (S55 Ep82)
26 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.13800
Justin's stunned when "Steve" arrives on his doorstep, Sarah has a meltdown when the DA refuses to help, and Maggie comes clean. (S55 Ep110)
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S1, Ep13805
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S1, Ep13806
5 Mar. 2020
Episode #1.13806
Chad falls under Stefano's spell. (S55 Ep116)
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S1, Ep13810
11 Mar. 2020
Episode #1.13810
John apprehends Rolf. (S55 Ep120)
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S1, Ep13814
17 Mar. 2020
Episode #1.13814
Ciara delivers bad news to Ben. (S55 Ep124)
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S1, Ep13830
8 Apr. 2020
Episode #1.13830
Eric shares a tearful goodbye with Mackenzie. (S55 Ep140)
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S1, Ep13831
9 Apr. 2020
Episode #1.13831
Justin confides in Jennifer about his fear of losing Kayla. (S55 Ep141)
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S1, Ep13832
10 Apr. 2020
Episode #1.13832
Sarah gets the shock of her life. (S55 Ep142)
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S1, Ep13835
15 Apr. 2020
Episode #1.13835
Sarah makes a shocking decision. (S55 Ep145)
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S1, Ep13840
22 Apr. 2020
Episode #1.13840
Brady, Kristen, Eric and Nicole wait for word on Sarah and the baby. (S55 Ep150)
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S1, Ep13845
29 Apr. 2020
Episode #1.13845
Steve and Kayla share a moment as she helps him put back on his patch. (S55 Ep155)
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S1, Ep13855
13 May 2020
Episode #1.13855
Gabi seeks answers from Rolf about Stefan. (S55 Ep165)
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S1, Ep13857
15 May 2020
Episode #1.13857
Orpheus delivers horrifying news to Marlena. (S55 Ep167)
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S1, Ep13865
27 May 2020
Episode #1.13865
Eli proposes to Lani. (S55 Ep175)
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S1, Ep13866
28 May 2020
Episode #1.13866
Justin visits Adrienne's Grave to ask her permission to marry Kayla. (S55 Ep176)
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S1, Ep13867
29 May 2020
Episode #1.13867
Xander confronts Brady about stabbing him in the back. (S55 Ep177)
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S1, Ep13868
1 Jun. 2020
Episode #1.13868
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S1, Ep13869
2 Jun. 2020
Episode #1.13869
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S1, Ep13870
3 Jun. 2020
Episode #1.13870
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S1, Ep13871
4 Jun. 2020
Episode #1.13871
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S1, Ep13872
5 Jun. 2020
Episode #1.13872
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3 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.72
Ben faces his final appeal with support; Xander and Victor know what Ciara has been up to; Steve-fano shocks a confrontational Kayla; Hattie reports for work; and Hope-Gina lashes out at Rafe. (S55 Ep72)
13 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.78
Kristen is shocked at Steve-fano's revelation; Clyde suggest a prison break to his son; Hattie's admission complicates Kate's plans; Abigail suggests something surprising to Chad; and Ciara learns that Victor's and Xander's secret isn't what she thought it was. (S55 Ep78)
14 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.79
Abigail finds Steve-fano with Kristen; Julie encourages Eli to move on; Chad starts to suspect Kate; Lani tells JJ everything; and Jennifer writes a heart-felt article. (S55 Ep79)
20 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.83
Flashbacks share Adrienne's last Mother's Day, Kristen and Sarah going into labor; and Sonny's surprising proposal to Will. (S55 Ep83)
21 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.84
the time jump's flashbacks continue from last year's Mother's Day when Maggie gets a shocking visit from someone from her past, Adrienne rushes to the hospital with Sarah in labor, and Chad learns of a big change at DiMera Enterprises. (S55 Ep84)
22 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.85
Xander is forced to deliver Sarah's child by the side of the road, Kristen and Brady's baby is in danger, and Maggie is discovered drunk behind the wheel of her car. (S55 Ep85)
23 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.86
Sonny and Justin say goodbye to Adrienne, Will makes a confession, and Haley breaks bad news to Kristen. (S55 Ep86)
24 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.87
as last Mother's Day continues, Sarah learns Adrienne's fate and Brady learns his daughter died, while in the present day, Ciara tells Will he's innocent. (S55 Ep87)
27 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.88
Ciara urges Will to stop Sonny from filing the divorce papers, Eric learns Nicole's seeing Brady, and Kristen and Brady share their grief over their daughter. (S55 Ep88)
28 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.89
John and Steve-fano see familiar faces in their search for Stefan's; Kate realizes that Marlena is in danger; Shawn's arrival in Salem rattles Hope-Gina; and Lani learns of Eli and Gabi's engagement. (S55 Ep89)
29 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.90
Rafe and Shawn discuss how to deal with Gina, Chad questions Kristen about their father, and Marlena tells Kayla the truth. (S55 Ep90)
30 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.91
Marlena finds herself in grave danger, Kate opens up to Hattie, and Chad suggests new living arrangements to Abigail. (S55 Ep91)
31 Jan. 2020
Episode #55.92
Eric and Sarah learn they're not a match for Mickey, 'Steve' informs Marlena of terrible news, and Chad receives a message from his father. (S55 Ep92)
3 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.93
Rafe and Roman work hard to find Marlena and Gina, Kristen shocks Nicole, and Eric learns something about Nicole he didn't know. (S55 Ep93)
4 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.94
Ciara is shocked to see Sonny kissing Evan, Ben gets startling news, and Sarah and Xander get together. (S55 Ep94)
5 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.95
Xander and Sarah's romantic time is interrupted, Kristen updates Lani about Brady, and Nicole and Eric reconnect at home. (S55 Ep95)
6 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.96
Rafe and Roman meet Tony and Anna in Prague, Ciara goes to Kayla and Justin to discuss Ben's case, and John is drugged. (S55 Ep96)
7 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.97
Stefano tries to convince Marlena she's drawn to him, Ben and Clyde start to break out of prison, and Gina threatens John's life when he refuses to make love to her. (S55 Ep97)
10 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.98
there are two shootings, Ciara flashes back to Clyde asking her for a favor, and Rafe and Kate find the dungeon. (S55 Ep98)
11 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.99
Marlena and John are reunited, Stevano turns to an angry Kayla for help, and Kate saves Rafe. (S55 Ep99)
12 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.100
Ciara cares for Ben, Kristen and Brady share a tender moment, and news comes in about Mackenzie's bone marrow donor. (S55 Ep100)
13 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.101
Gabi gets Julie's new pacemaker, JJ comforts Lani over Eli and Gabi's upcoming wedding, and Shawn is frustrated about Princess Gina. (S55 Ep101)
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S55, Ep102
14 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.102
Gabi breaks down thinking of Stefan, Ciara can't bear life without Ben, and JJ thinks about Haley. (S55 Ep102)
17 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.103
JJ backs up Lani as she tells her story, Sonny receives a visitor on Valentine's Day, and Will writes to Sonny while thinking back in time. (S55 Ep103)
18 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.104
Julie shocks Gabi and the wedding guests with a secret, Doug and Jennifer remember the old days when Jennifer learns who died, and Rafe can't get over what his sister has done. (S55 Ep104)
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S55, Ep105
19 Feb. 2020
Episode #55.105