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15 Sep. 1967
Everywhere a Chick Chick
After the death of his wife, the custody terms for a nightclub comedy star Jerry Webster's son demands that he is raised on a remote California farm owned by the Jerry. The problem is that the property is 300 miles away from Jerry's job in a Las Vegas hotel.
22 Sep. 1967
Hot Kid in a Cold Town
Sandy is in Las Vegas for Jerry's birthday, and decides to surprise him by popping out of a closet at his birthday party. Unfortunately, she does that just as a showgirl pops out of a cake for him. The judge who awarded Jerry custody of his kids does not look kindly at this event.
6 Oct. 1967
If You Knew Martha
Jerry's in a bit of a jam. Not only has he just been caught going through a bedroom window with his beautiful young tenant, but it's Aunt Martha who caught him, and he's having a hard time explaining what happened.
13 Oct. 1967
Minnesota Tracy
Fast-talking hustler Dewey cheats Jerry out of his last penny. It's up to Tracy, of all people, to save the day.
20 Oct. 1967
It Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You
Sandy and Tracy sneak food to a small little Irish man who claims to be a leprechaun.
27 Oct. 1967
Halloween's on Us
Jerry and Dewey try to make Sandy's Halloween party a big hit, but only succeed in showing just how out of touch they are with Sandy's generation.
3 Nov. 1967
The Making of a Vegetarian
Sandy and Tracey both enter their lambs in a contest at the county fair, but it turns out that it's their parents who are the ones who are competing.
10 Nov. 1967
The Secret Life of Jerry Webster
Jerry starts imagining what's going to happen during his upcoming weekend alone with Sue, but reality intrudes into his fantasies.
17 Nov. 1967
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Playground
After Sandy fails to pass the auditions for the school pageant, Jerry decides that he's going to bring both the show and Sandy up to "professional" standards. Complications ensue.
24 Nov. 1967
What Is This - Thanksgiving or a Nightmare?
Sue plans a quiet holiday with her parents, but Jerry's arrival with his rowdy Las Vegas friends, along with her aunt and uncle, put the stops to that.
1 Dec. 1967
The Woodsman
Jerry risks humiliation--not to mention whatever injuries he may receive (or, more likely, cause)--to accompany Sandy and his Boy Scout troop on a hike. Almost as important as showing Sandy that he can do it, though, is the chance to show up the troop's arrogant, obnoxious scoutmaster.
8 Dec. 1967
The Return of Mr. Ex
Sue is not happy to see her smooth-talking ex-husband return. She's even less happy to see that he and Jerry hit it off famously, and things get worse when Jerry invites him to move in.
15 Dec. 1967
The Lush Life
Sue, who doesn't drink alcohol, accidentally finishes off Jerry's martini, resulting in no end of trouble for Jerry, who's trying to make a good impression on a potential TV sponsor.
22 Dec. 1967
The Treasure of San Fernando Valley
A farmhand convinces Jerry that there's buried treasure on his farm, and nothing Sue says will convince Jerry not to dig the whole place up to find it.
29 Dec. 1967
Sandy Gets Tough
Jerry's efforts to "toughen up" his son backfire on him. Sandy becomes a bully at school, and now Jerry has to deal with the angry parents of the boys Sandy's been pushing around.
5 Jan. 1968
Who's Been Sleeping in Daddy's Bed
Dewey promises a beautiful blonde that he can get her into "show business". Unfortunately he uses Jerry's name to try to do it, with two potentially disastrous consequences for Jerry: losing Sue over it and earning the enmity of the blonde's gangster boyfriend.

 Season 1 

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