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8 Jan. 1970
On Ironside's advice, produce-company owner Dora Copeland refuses a loan from a man with ties to organized crime. The man retaliates by trying to frame Dora's son, a struggling lawyer, for attempted rape of a young woman.
22 Jan. 1970
Beware the Wiles of the Stranger
A group of gambling-house robbers needs a dead body for their plan to work. Their accomplice has second thoughts about the scheme when she meets Mark.
29 Jan. 1970
Eden Is the Place We Leave
A tormented Samoan boxer accidentally kills an opponent in the ring and goes into hiding. His sponsor Ironside tries to persuade the fighter's family leader to let the young man give up the sport.
5 Feb. 1970
The Wrong Time, the Wrong Place
Ed becomes close to a new movie star who may have been given the key to a safe-deposit box by a criminal moments before he was killed. Ironside searches for the dead man's cohorts before they can harm the girl.
12 Feb. 1970
Return to Fiji
The chief's vacation is disrupted when his host, a World War II buddy, goes missing. Ironside allows himself to be kidnapped as well so he can find his ailing friend and foil a plot to steal two million dollars' worth of gold.
19 Feb. 1970
Eve is kidnapped along with her friend, who is being held for $50,000 by a group of hippies. When the friend's husband takes back the money, Ironside wonders who masterminded the plot. Eve, meanwhile, looks for a way to escape.
26 Feb. 1970
One Hour to Kill
With his assistants away, the chief receives a phone call telling him to expect a deadly visitor within sixty minutes. Ironside spends the remaining time improvising self defense without weapons - and trying to identify the caller.
5 Mar. 1970
Warrior's Return
A Native American parolee for whom Ironside arranged a job in a jewelry store is suspected of burglarizing it. He was last seen with his cousin, who had just dropped out of school. Ironside and Mark search for both men.
12 Mar. 1970
Little Jerry Jessup
Jerry, an adolescent boy, goes into shock after his mother is murdered. Ironside looks after him and tries to convince his vengeful father not to escape from prison.
26 Mar. 1970
Good Will Tour
When the crown prince of an Eastern European country slips out of his consulate, Eve stays with him. Ed is assigned to keep an eye on them, but someone gave his car two flat tires. Ironside follows to make sure the prince is safe.
2 Apr. 1970
Little Dog, Gone
As a favor to the dog's owner, Commissioner Randall asks Ironside to locate a missing hound. When the team investigates, they find two dognappers are capturing numerous canines and demanding huge rewards.
9 Apr. 1970
Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us
Dayton, who was convicted of causing the death of Ed's fiancée seven years ago, is paroled. Although Tom personally asks him for forgiveness, Sergeant Brown broods over the possibility that Dayton will strike again.
17 Sep. 1970
A Killing Will Occur
Ironside is told by an anonymous caller that he is about to commit murder. Multiple calls from the same person give the chief details about the potential shooting - and time to prevent it.
24 Sep. 1970
No Game for Amateurs
A key witness is gunned down by a young man trying to evade the military draft. The shooter's pregnant, widowed girlfriend may be the only clue to his whereabouts as Ironside strives to catch him before he flees to Canada.
1 Oct. 1970
The Happy Dreams of Hollow Men
An overnight snowstorm strands Ironside in a mountain cabin with an architect who is addicted to heroin. The chief tries to help his friend through withdrawal while working to keep both of them alive.
8 Oct. 1970
The People Against Judge McIntire
Leland McIntyre asks Ironside to find out who is trying to kill him. Eve finds several students connected with the eight-year-old murder case the judge is reenacting in Mark's law class. Ed sits in so he can be a bodyguard for McIntyre.
15 Oct. 1970
Noel's Gonna Fly
Mid-life crisis: businessman Noel Seymour fails to appear in court and vanishes after taking $5,000 out of his bank account. Ironside tries to catch up to Noel before he hurts himself or someone else.
22 Oct. 1970
The Lonely Way to Go
The investment manager for the police pension fund is charged with murdering his secretary. The man says he did it, but Ironside is puzzled by gaps in his confession and by large amounts of money the secretary had collected.
29 Oct. 1970
Check, Mate and Murder: Part 1
While in Quebec for a police convention, Mark is nearly killed by French separatists. Ironside's involvement in the case is complicated when the man arrested as the bomber is the son of a former lover.
5 Nov. 1970
Check, Mate, and Murder: Part 2
Now fully involved in the bombing case by the French Canadian separatists, Ed goes undercover while the rest try to stop an impending bombing of a holiday parade.
12 Nov. 1970
Too Many Victims
The daughter of a close friend is injured in a traffic accident. After discovering she was under the influence of drugs, Ironside's group works to uncover the drug ring supplying kids with drugs.
19 Nov. 1970
The Man on the Inside
When it becomes clear a police raid was tipped off, the evidence begins to show that Ironside may have been responsible. Ed joins the internal investigation that will either clear - or convict - Ironside.
3 Dec. 1970
As a law school project Mark takes on a review of the possible conviction of an innocent man. The convict claims he was framed by the police Sergeant leading the investigation: Ed Brown.
10 Dec. 1970
The Laying on of Hands
Pablo Esteban, a young faith healer from a small Mexican village, lays hands upon the willing in big cities across 1970 America. Pablo lays hands upon a friend of Ironside who convalesced with him and was similarly disabled in San Francisco. When she regains her ability to walk, Ironside, Ed and Mark attempt to investigate whether a miracle or human avarice is responsible.
17 Dec. 1970
This Could Blow Your Mind
Ironside in a battle of psychological wits against a mob hit man who has the wife and kids of a hypnotist he thinks can finger him.
31 Dec. 1970
One evening, Chief Ironside and Mark Sanger visit a precinct where the Chief worked as a young officer. Initially, the precinct Captain, played by 70's NFL hero, Roman Gabriel, greets the Chief formally, as if he thinks Ironside is there to meddle. In contrast, Ironside's old partner, played by veteran actor, Jack Albertson, is happy to see Ironside. Suddenly, there is a city-wide blackout; now, the young Captain is relieved to have Ironside on site and even provides him an office. There is a rush to organize and institute emergency protocol but the Chief remains ...

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