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[facing down the Grand Inquisitor]

Capt. Lansen: We're getting out. Now we can noisily, or we can go quietly. The choice is up to you.

The Grand Inquistor: Where are you going? You're trapped here like the rest of us. There's no escape.

Capt. Lansen: How do you know? Have you ever tried?

The Grand Inquistor: Our ancestors tried.

Capt. Lansen: I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about you.

The Grand Inquistor: It's God's will!

Capt. Lansen: It's your will, because you want it this way! You do it in the name of God through this child here because you haven't got the guts to do your own dirty work!

The Grand Inquistor: You speak bravely of escaping. How are you going to do it?

Capt. Lansen: I don't know, but we'll try.

The Grand Inquistor: You will fail!

Capt. Lansen: Then we'll go on trying, and the day we stop trying we stop living!

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Capt. Lansen: What kind of a circus is this, anyway?

The Grand Inquistor: You are in the court of El Supremo. The Chosen One.

Nick, chief engineer: He means the lad sitting on the throne.

Capt. Lansen: That boy?

Harry Tyler: He's the one who pays the piper!

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El Supremo: The choice is yours. It is simple. Either join us and tell your companions on the boat to do likewise, in which case all of your supplies will be turned over to us.

Nick, chief engineer: Or else?

El Supremo: We shall kill you. Then kill your companions and take the supplies.

Sarah: He'll kill us all anyway.

El Supremo: That is in the hands of God. But, if you pray to me, He may find it in His heart to--

Nick, chief engineer: I'll not pray to any man! Let alone a child who's hardly old enough to wipe his own bottom!

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