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Season 2

31 May 1969
Family Flu
With the women of the family down with flu Arthur and Stan must play nursemaid but then Arthur also catches the flu, leaving Stan to cook - at which he is dreadful - and shop and clean,in addition to his day job. Eventually the family goes to recuperate at Aunt Maud's house and Stan decides to throw a party to celebrate, only to go down with the flu himself.
7 Jun. 1969
The Used Combination
Arthur buys an old motor-bike and sidecar combination,which has seen better days,so Stan 'borrows' a tool-kit from the depot to get it working. Unfortunately,it breaks down again,the handle-bars fall off and Blakey hands them in to lost property. An exasperated Stan kicks the bike,finally seeing it on its way.
14 Jun. 1969
Self Defence
Jack and Stan are amongst bus crew staff who have been attacked by drunken yobs and,when Blakey advertises a self-defence class,teaching martial arts,the pair decide to join - chiefly because two attractive conductresses are also in the class. Inevitably the two men get thrown around by the women and discover that Blakey is no slouch either.
21 Jun. 1969
Aunt Maud
Mum's sister, Aunt Maud, comes to stay, bringing her once little dog, Marcus, now a huge wolfhound. Their presence means a change of sleeping arrangements and a sleepless night for Stan, bunking up with Arthur. Further problems arise for Stan when he tries to smuggle Marcus onto the bus to take Aunt Maud home without Blakey finding out.
28 Jun. 1969
Late Again
After a night out with Doreen Stan is late for his early shift.Next day he is also late after Arthur has muted his alarm clock to stop it waking the household up. Jack tries to cover for him but Blakey puts him on the late shift instead,during which time Jack is getting his feet under the table at Doreen's.
5 Jul. 1969
Bon Voyage
Stan is going on a literal busman's holiday to Spain with other crew members and decides to get a tan by sun-bathing at the local grave-yard. Unfortunately a tramp steals his uniform and he has to break into his holiday money in order to buy a new one. Due to Mum's zeal when it comes to packing his case he has to dip into it again as a penalty for carrying excess baggage.

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