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Season 2

22 Sep. 1970
A Day in the Country
Alison is quite taken with Hank Martin, a long haired philosophy professor. That has Grandfather Pruitt worried so he invites himself along when the young couple have a excursion in the countryside.
13 Oct. 1970
A Boy to Remember
The Endicotts encounter a forlorn waif named Paulo who happens to be mute and a bicycle thief. After getting to know him Penny begins to lobby her father to adopt the young Italian.
20 Oct. 1970
Rome Is Where You Find It
Uncle Charley plus Robbie and Katie Douglas visit the Endicotts. Charley wants Mike's help in finding a girlfriend from WW II. The young Douglas couple hope to enjoy a second honeymoon.
27 Oct. 1970
Lire from Heaven
Barbara sings, "Didn't We?" and "When In Rome".
1 Dec. 1970
The Boy Next Door
Love is in the air for two members of the Endicott clan. Grandpa Pruitt is smitten with Mrs. Kinneman, an attractive widow from Illinois. Alison falls for Jerry, a boy next door type from Iowa.
8 Dec. 1970
The Runaways
Penney and Pokey secretly leave home as they feel they are impeding Michael's marriage to a fashionable stewardess. A frantic search for the missing girls ensues.
29 Dec. 1970
Doctor Andy
Signora Vitale's very pregnant niece Christina is visiting and unexpectedly goes into labor. The Endicott household is thrown into an uproar, a doctor is unavailable and Grandpa Pruitt's dubious delivery skills are called upon.
10 Feb. 1971
The Stray Cat
The Endicott family meet Sally, a young girl leading a vagabond life. They take her in and try to smooth over her rough edges so Sally feels more comfortable around others.
17 Feb. 1971
Yankee Trader
The Endicotts are being evicted from their apartment because the building is to be torn down. But Grandpa has a plan and use his wheeling and dealing skills to save their home.

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