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What fun!
threexfive28 November 2001
If you've read the other reviews of this movie, then you already know most of the storyline. What "The Green Slime" really is is lots of fun. Groovy '60's mod clothes, Japanese monsters and miniature sets, way out dance celebration scene, all great stuff. And if you pay enough attention to the big picture, you can't help but think that this influenced "Alien"; people trapped in space, with killer creatures that can't easily be killed. It's just that "Alien" had a better budget and better writers.

I was lucky enough to see this on the big screen, being as that there is only one print in the US. But it would be fun to rent it some rainy weekend afternoon, with plenty of popcorn and the kids.
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Too good to be bad....
Mister-631 August 1999
You have to love a sci-fi movie that:

1) Is a Japanese-produced product featuring a mostly-Anglo cast (saves on dubbing cost).

2) Has equivalent special effects of any given "Godzilla" movie.

3) Has Italian bombshells named "Sheila Benson".

4) Gives you slime creatures that look like Sigmund the Sea Monster.

5) Has a mad doctor (isn't that a pre-requisite for these movies? Thought so.).

6) Has one of the all-time coolest title songs I have ever heard in my entire natural life.

If you watch "The Green Slime", just think: if Jaeckel had brought the rest of his "Dirty Dozen" cronies along with him, the Green Slime would never have stood a chance.

Oh well....

Seven stars. By the way, does anyone know where to get this movie's soundtrack? I have GOT to get that song....
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The campiest sci-fi I've ever seen
dougk-51 November 2000
Goofy effects. Cardboard characters. One dimensional plot. All around GREAT film! Watch this while after seeing something like "Aliens" or "Independence day" to lighten the mood. Best watched with a group of friends or girlfriend
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Fun, yes. A joke, no.
wilbrifar4 February 2002
I agree that this movie is now entertaining on a bad movie level, but those who say it had to be made as a joke are dead wrong. This came out in a time before America (and particularly American kids) became so f--king "sophisticated". I saw this as a 10 year-old on the big screen when it was released; all us kids were thrilled by the adventure and did NOT laugh. It's a shame that kids today are denied the chance to experience this kind of innocent, totally unsophisticated fun in a theater. You can be smug about how "cheesy" these kinds of movies were, and how much more "sophisticated" we all are now, but on the flip side we didn't have things like school massacres back then, did we?
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Will you believe it when you're dead?
Rrrobert14 July 2000
Fun, fast-moving, funky sci-fi action for "Thunderbirds" fans.

US B-Grade stars meet slimy Japanese-style men-in-monster-suit Aliens with reproductive blood who, having infiltrated a space-station and captured the interest of a new-lifeform-discovering scientist proceed to electrocute half the crew.

Funky colour schemes, futuristic 1960s-style discotheques, kooky camera angles and a crazy Blaxploitation-style theme song combine to create a groovy film, man.

Better acting than "Space: 1999".
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"You'll believe it when you're dead!"
fung023 April 2007
Why scoff at a film's limitations? Personally, I prefer to see through to its heart. And at the heart of Green Slime is one of the truly great sci-fi space operas.

The storyline distills so much of the best B-grade sci-fi: The plummeting asteroid. The mission to save the planet. The creeping menace, overwhelming the space station, killing everything in its path. The tight-lipped hero, his jealous buddy, and the sexy (but brilliant) babe. The Great Sacrifice at the end... (And don't forget that rousing rock-n-roll theme song!) This is the stuff of great sci-fi. In fact, aside from the Japanese-style production, Green Slime isn't all that different from an episode of Star Trek... except maybe that the science is way more credible.

It all seems like cliché, but if you think about it, cliché is something that's been done to death... and with Space Opera, we've never actually had that much of it. (Commander Cody; Rocky Jones... all much worse films than this.) So when a film like Green Slime dares to dish up a huge helping, all I can say is: bring it on!

Is it hammy? Are the special effects cheap? Sure. So what? The actors are all third-raters, but they do their best. Are their tongues in their cheeks? I don't know, but if they are, it's done with amazing subtlety. They all LOOK terrifically serious, and that's how they deserve to be taken. If there's a self-parody here, it's a very crafty one. (But somehow I don't think so.) If anything, the tone reminds me of the wide-eyed early sci-fi of Amazing and the other pulps... it takes us back back to a time when adventure was accepted uncritically, before bone-headed cynicism somehow became "cool."

Perhaps if the cast WERE Japanese, this film would have a cult attached to it. Maybe we shrewd Occidentals are just too clever to accept the wildness of a Godzilla movie transplanted into our own cultural context. If so, too bad for us.
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the ORIGINAL "Alien"... this is one FUN & action packed b-movie!
takatomon21 January 2007
i just got this film on VHS through an auction and greatly enjoyed it! it's nowhere near as bad as it's reputation. it IS technically limited and even unintentionally funny in parts, but a lot of the story was very much ahead of it's time and inspired. it's like a typical 1950s space monster b-movie on steroids.

after watching it, i couldn't believe just how much of this film's story mirrors that in alien.

the film DOES use "godzilla grade" models and space ships, but it also has some REALLY nice sets that embarrass those in many more well known films with typical surplus radio parts and a few blinking lights. as much as i always hated those fake looking models in godzilla films, here they're forgivable because at least this story makes sense.

for what this film lacks in production values and sheer suspension of disbelief, it more than makes up for with conviction and originality. the ending has to be seen to be believed, it is EXTREMELY action packed.

this is my new #2 "old school sci fi" favorite only after forbidden planet. it's THAT GOOD!

don't believe this film's low score. it's funny and campy at times true, but it's also clever, sincere and action packed too. you've NEVER seen a pre 1970 sci-fi film that goes where this one does. it humbles many a predecessor with it's scope and originality.

i had a blast watching this one and by the end, had given it the respect it deserves for it's ambition and OBVIOUS inspiration on Alien. this film really tries hard to be a blockbuster and totally surprised me by how close it came to pulling it off.

hopefully, more people well schooled in just how bad typical 1950s American sci-fi films were, using little more than stock footage for SFX at times, will see this film and give it the respect it deserves for creating EVERYTHING in it from scratch and using new ideas of it's own.

i think there are a lot of 7+ votes out there that just haven't had the chance to see this film. i give it a 9 for effort and entertainment value.
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Campy Fun!
Bucs19606 October 2003
Robert Horton was on the downslide and poor Richard Jaeckel was stuck in one more film unworthy of his talents. Luciana Paluzzi....well, with neither talent nor anywhere to slide, I guess she belongs in this movie.

It's bright, loud and brassy and everything in the space station screams of the 1960's, including the theme song which has to be the most unusual ever tacked on to a sci-fi film. The color process they used (is it Technicolor?) is so unreal that the whole thing reminds me of a comic book. Watch "Danger,Diabolik" and you'll get that same feeling. Bile greens and mucous yellows.....ugh.

The story line is not much but the special effects, frankly, may be better than some of that period. This was made before fx came into their own, so be a little forgiving. The monsters are not very well conceived and they are soooo slow moving.

Just watch this one for the fun of it and try to forget how embarrassed the actors must have been mouthing those lines, wearing those outfits and running around in cardboard sets while being pursued (very slowly) by a bunch of green Jello. What a hoot!!
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Sit back, relax, enjoy and don't take it a bit seriously
nkr26 June 2003
I have a special attachment to this film: I was stationed in the Air Force in Japan in 1968 when this was filmed. Most of the cast (with the exception of course of the "name" actors) were U.S. Military personnel or dependents. Bud Widom was an announcer on Armed Forces Radio in Tokyo, and Ann Ault (nurse) directed our theater group (The Kanto Players). She directed me as Dr. Bradley in "The Man Who Came to Dinner". Ann also had a a great voice and appeared as a headliner at the Tokyo Hilton. For the earlier comment, Green Slime HAS been shown on MS3TK. It was, I think, made for it, even though MS3TK was just a dream at the time.
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A movie too funny to be an accident!
Bruce_Cook4 November 2001
There isn't a single Japanese actor in this big-budget Japanese produced sci-fi drama, but the special effects are a dead give-away. A wandering astroid (code named `Flora') is on a collision course with Earth. Richard Jackel and Robert Horton lead a team which places atomic bombs on the astroid to blow it up. They succeed, but they unwittingly bring back an alien fungus to their wheel-shaped space station. The fungus grows into man-sized monsters which multiply rapidly and overrun the space station. Jackel and Horton are forced to set aside their romantic rivalry over Luciana Paluzzi (`Thunderball') while they battle the creatures. Blazing laser guns abound in a desperate battle with the unstoppable monsters! The astronauts even don spacesuits and jet-packs for a battle on the space station's hull. All this in glorious color AND wide screen. Wow!

Sure, this sounds great but . . . well, these guys didn't know what they were doing. Or did they?

`The Green Slime' looks more like a clever satire of sci-fi movies than an ineptly made film. The odds against all the side-splitting humor in this movie happening by accident must be astronomical. The potato-shaped monster suits are hysterical. The miniatures of the rockets are so tiny the camera can barely focus on them. The dialogue sounds like perfect parodies of sci-fi's most treasured clichés. (Example: The doctor rushes up to soldiers as their about to attack a slim monster. `Stop, don't kill it!' he pleads. `This is a magnificent discovery, and we must do everything possible to SAVE it!' -- and he says it in a perfect imitation of Richard Nixon.)

When the heroes' rocket tries to outrun an atomic blast, Robert Horton orders the pilot to increase thrust. But the G-forces are already so strong, the pilot can't lift his hand to reach the throttle. Macho Robert jumps up, walks to the pilot's chair, and pushes the throttle himself!

`The Green Slime' is so full of scenes like this that it should be re-released as `National Lampoon's Space Adventure'. And just wait until you hear the Jimmy Hendrix sound-alike title theme, a psychedelic rock tune. Its was even released on 45 rpm! (That's kinda like a CD, for those of you too young to remember.)

Rent the movie, call your friends, and mix up a batch of lime Jello as a snack. This is MST3K squared.
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A "10" for the GREAT STORY behind "The Green Slime"
bd_gordon31 May 2006
Sure, the special effects are cheesy, but they are hilarious! Hilarious = a "10" in my book. You have to look past the special effects in order to see the clever story behind them. An astronaut picks up a slimy splash of an unknown alien organism. He brings it back with him - unbeknownst that it's hitching a ride on his leg. The mucous develops into a tentacled creature that feeds on electricity and the whole ship is infested with these things! How I wish they would remake this film today. Good Story + State-of-the-Art special effects = a "10" for sure! Even on video, it's a hoot for the kids - pure, clean, and fast-paced fun! For the men in this crowd, the sheer presence of Luciana Paluzzi (bad girl in "Thunderball") is worth 4x the price of this gem!
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"Their growth rate is incredible, in fact it's frightening." Really, really good fun!
poolandrews15 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Green Slime starts as the United Nations Space Command (or UNSC for short) detect an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. The big boss General Jonathan Thompson (Bud Widom) calls in his best man, soon to retire Commander Jack Rankin (Robert Horton). General Thompson stresses the danger Earth faces, they asteroid (named 'Flora' for some reason) is six million tonnes of space rock that will hit Earth in ten hours & wipe all life out & lets face it it doesn't get more serious than that, does it? Commander Rankin delays his retirement & accepts the mission to destroy Flora. In no time at all Commander Rankin is aboard the 'Gamma 3' space station orbiting Earth, the plan is to land on Flora plant explosives & blow it up, simple eh? Well everything goes OK until an idiot named Michaels (Richard Hylland) starts messing around with some green slime, some of which sticks to his trouser leg. Back aboard Gamma 3 & the team are treated like heroes while their suits go for decontamination. It's not long before the blob of green slime has grown into a large green tentacled alien monster which feeds on energy & will kill any human standing in it's way. Rankin shoots it with a laser gun but it's blood also grows into more slime monsters, soon the entire space station is overrun with the bleeding things...

This Japanese, American & Italian co-production was directed Kinji Fukasaku & is as entertaining & fun a film from start to finish as one could wish to watch. The script by Tom Rowe & Charles Sinclair moves along like a rocket & is never boring or dull which is most definitely a good thing. It's all rather silly but that's all part of it's goofy charm & entertainment. The character's are ridiculous, the love triangle between ex best friends Rankin & Commander Vince Elliot (Richard Jaeckel) over Dr. Lisa Benson (Luciana Paluzzi) is really cheesy & some of the dialogue & macho posturing between them has to be seen & heard to be believed. The green slime themselves are class, how can you not love the things? The screeching noise they make, the big solitary eye, their lumpy somewhat shapeless bodies & their waving tentacles? OK they are just guys in ill fitting rubber monster suits but they still have to be some of the best & most memorable aliens monsters featured in a film from the period, I mean all monsters from that period were guys in rubber suits, right? One more thing, I didn't think they were slimy enough considering they are the green slime, once fully grown they're rather dry.

Director Fukasaku directs as if The Green Slime were a cartoon with bright garish colours, simplistic shapes & basic spaceships & equipment. There's a real psychedelic 60's & 70's feel to the sets, colour schemes & costumes, The Green Slime is anything but futuristic looking. The special effects are an area that everyone seems to bash, well OK that's fine because effects have come a long way in forty odd years & if your one of those people who criticise a film such as Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) because the CGI doesn't look that good then The Green Slime definitely isn't the film for you. Sure I'll admit none of the special effects in The Green Slime are particularly convincing but I've seen worse & once again they just add to the fun rather than take from it.

Technically the film is OK apart from some poor (by todays standards) effects work. The widescreen cinematography is impressive & I absolutely love that opening theme tune, where can I buy a copy? The acting isn't great although Paluzzi makes for an attractive love interest.

The Green Slime has some unconvincing effects, the acting is rather wooden & the spaceships & equipment used look horribly dated but it has a certain charm, a certain something about it & of course it has the green slime themselves together with they're fantastic song! I throughly recommend it without hesitation.
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A great stirring slice of prime 60's Japanese sci-fi horror fun
Woodyanders18 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
In the early 21st century an asteroid on a direct collision course with Earth is successfully destroyed by the courageous crew of the military space station Gamma 3 (this harrowing beat-the-clock tension heavy sequence, with several dudes drilling holes into the asteroid so explosives can be planted in its core, was shamelessly ripped off by the horrendous big budget blockbuster abomination "Armegeddon"). Alas, the staunchly professional army men unwittingly take an alien spore back with them into the space station. The spore grows into an unsightly, lumpy, noisy, tentacled, multi-eyed, lumbering green-skinned vegetable monster with a lethal electric touch, the ability to reproduce at a shockingly fast rate, and an insatiable appetite for electrical power. Pretty soon the whole station is under attack by a teeming horde of these relentless, seemingly unstoppable creatures. It's up to starchy, tenaciously by-the-book Commander Jack Ranklin (toughly played to the stern, steely hilt by Robert Horton), equally austere and stalwart base head honcho Vince Elliot (the always intense and gravely serious Richard Jaeckel), and resolute physician Lisa (bodacious former Bond Eurobabe Luciana Paluzzi in a strictly decorative eye candy part) to defeat the dangerous extraterrestrial thingies in order to save the entire human race from possible extinction.

Directed with tremendous flair by Kinji Fukasaku (who brought a similar vigor to the extraordinary end-of-the-world dazzler "Virus" and later helmed both "Battle Royale" pics, jam-packed with rousing laser gun battles, monsters jumping and frying folks, heroic sacrifices, edge of your seat suspense, some surprisingly graphic outbursts of deliriously out of control violence, and mighty macho guys gritting their teeth and manfully standing up to the alien menace, "The Green Slime" doesn't mess around for a second, getting right to the point with stirring headlong momentum and a winning paucity of pretense. (Be sure to snag a copy of the original Japanse version, which thankfully jettisons a draggy romantic triangle subplot involving Hutton, Jaeckel and Paluzzi in favor of emphasizing more monster-loaded action sequences.) The tone remains properly solemn and matter of fact, without ever lapsing into any needless goofball humor. The cast all turn in solid performances, bringing an admirable gritty conviction to their parts. The pace gallops along an an incredibly brisk tempo; there are no dreary lulls to be found in this bang-up item. The urgently brooding score is used judiciously. The groovy, rough-diggin', fuzztone'n'zither rippin' psychedelic rock theme song profoundly cooks. Yoskikaza Yamasawa's lively, polished cinematography cuts loose with lots of crazy tilted camera angles and lightening swift pans, adding a heady adrenaline rush buzz to the fiercely kinetic proceedings. Akira Watanabe's hokey, but colorful special effects -- Tonka toy miniatures, extremely conspicuous matte lines, rubbery monster suits, that sort of endearingly fake stuff -- possess a certain tack charm. Bluntly plotted, efficaciously executed, and often exciting, "The Green Slime" overall rates as the genuine no-kiddin' business.
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The Best Lousy Movie I've Ever Seen
qeditor8 July 1999
You have GOT to see this movie to believe it. The music is better (or cheesier) than Austin Powers (Whammy bar electric guitars twang along while a pretentious singer who sounds like Elvis on Ludes wails "Green SLIME! Green Slime!") Richard Jaeckal (of The Dirty Dozen fame) is unintentionally hilarious as the space station Rambo. He grits his teeth every time the camera is on him (no exaggeration!) But the stars of this movie have to be the one-piece, rubber suited, one-eyed monsters with the electric touch. I saw this when I was 15, and I still remember laughing at them, and at the space station hanging on its wires, burning in space (The flames and smoke RISE space, get it?) All in all, a spectacularly bad bad its great.
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Classic B-grade Sci-Fi adventure
cheeseforever20051 June 2004
I remember as a kid sitting in an old run-down theater watching this movie on a Saturday afternoon and thinking "it doesn't get much better than this".

Rocket ships, laser gun battles with deadly aliens, risking your life for the "good of the planet".

Of course that was 1968 and this movie looks pretty unspectacular now compared to Star Wars etc. but it is a good example of the "space opera" of that period. A multi-national space station launches a ship toward an oncoming asteroid in the hope of preventing a collision with earth. Lives are risked but in the end disaster is averted and the asteroid is destroyed everyone is safe......but are they? What has been brought back to the station? Can it be stopped in time?

Good for those rainy afternoons with the kids, they may even enjoy it, you certainly will.
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Top Ten reasons to see "Green Slime"
badnewsbear1222 December 1999
Yet another in the Japanese sci-fi "so bad, it's good" genre, "Green Slime" is an entertaining way to blow off an hour and a half!

To give you an idea of just how "bad/good" this movie is, here are the top ten reasons to see "Green Slime":

1) A space station and every rocket ship on wires.

2) Electric carts that drive around space station hallways for no apparent reason (complete with exhaust pipe belching smoke from a GASOLINE engine)

3) The most unforgettable theme song to a movie you will ever hear.

4) The most perfectly-combed male head of hair you will ever see (Robert Horton's)

5) Yes, little guys running around in rubber monster suits.

7) Clearly cardboard sets (doors, walls, spaceship interiors)

8) A guys talking on a telephone THROUGH his motorcycle/spaceman helmet.

9) Extra-groovy dancing.

And finally...

10) In this Japanese production, they still saw fit to dub ENGLISH onto ENGLISH-speaking actors AND did a bad job at it!!

A classic!! Rent of buy this one!
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One of the Best 60's Japanese Sci-Fi movies made...
jeffthompson13 December 2000
Yes, I said Japanese. Even though the whole thing was filmed in English with American actors, this is a Japanese production, and its one of the best I've ever seen! Everything about this movie is phenominal from a 60's point of view; I especially liked the Set design, and the costumes. If you like the godzilla type of movies, i suggest you see this at all costs.
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You owe it to yourself to check this out
Cmbaker17 February 2011
This is one of the best B-movies out there, a film brought down only by its budgetary limitations. The biggest sin a movie can commit, in my opinion, is to be boring. I watched "Eegah", the giant caveman movie yesterday, and there was nothing redeeming about it- no interesting characters, plots, or visual style to speak of. That's a film deserving of a rating between 1-3.

"The Green Slime", however, is directed with a visual flair reminiscent of Spielberg with his trademark push-ins on the actors, and its extremely well-paced. From the opening scene where we realize an asteroid is headed for Earth, there are only a couple of scenes that slow the action down from there, particularly before the "Alien" meets "The Blob" part of the plot kicks in on the space station. But otherwise, the story really moves with complication after complication getting in the way of our heroes succeeding in defeating this alien menace.

Trust me, if you like B-movies, this is one to watch.
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Terrible but LOTS of fun!!!!!
preppy-314 December 2007
An asteroid is on a collusion course for Earth. They only have 10 hours before it hits. Wouldn't they see it LONG before that? They send Jack Rankin (Robert Horton) to space station Gamma 3 (where's 1 and 2?) to get a crew to blow it out of the sky. Gamma 3 is run by ex friend Vince (Richard Jaeckel). Also there is his (sigh) ex-girlfriend Lisa (Luciana Paluzzi) who's set to marry Vince! Gotta give them credit for getting every cliché in the book rammed into this movie. They do blow the asteroid to pieces...but this green slime gets on the space station. It feeds on energy and can multiply QUICKLY. Soon the whole space station is battling for their lives.

Sounds fun and it is...but in a campy way. First off there's a title song (!!!) which is actually not bad. Then there's the wooden acting by the entire cast (no shock there). There's the truly astonishing special effects--obvious miniatures stand in for most of the buildings and you gotta love the clearly visible wires that show the astronauts "floating" through space! As for the monsters...oh dear. They are easily the stupidest things I've ever seen. I literally broke out laughing when you first see one! They are cone-shaped with one red eye (???) and tentacles that go waving. Seeing them lumber around is pretty funny.

I saw a full frame version on TCM (despite the fact that it's an MGM film) so some scenes came off looking strange but I loved this. It moves quickly, there's almost nonstop action and the "special" effects and silly monsters keep you laughing! Also I swear that the actors were dubbed--but Horton and Jaeckel were American! A truly fascinating film.
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Lucianna In Outer Space!
ferbs5426 April 2017
Just refamiliarized myself with the Japanese/American coproduction "The Green Slime" (1969), which I had not seen in many years. In this one, directed by Kinji Fukasaku, space station he-men Robert Horton and Richard Jaeckel, along with a few others, rocket off to an asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth and blow it to smithereens, but unfortunately, they also bring back to the space station traces of the titular slime. The slime somehow makes it through the decontamination process and quickly morphs into two-legged, one-eyed monsters that squeak and suck energy and electrocute with their flailing tentacles. The two men sure do have their hands full, when not bickering with each other and trying to impress redheaded hotty doctor Lucianna Paluzzi, who looks very fetching indeed. (Could this redheaded female head doctor have possibly been the inspiration for the Beverly Crusher character on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"?) Though deemed quite justifiably a camp classic today, the film yet has many fine aspects to commend itself to the viewer. It is as fun as can be, and the FX range from the hokey to the surprisingly effective. I love that shot of the flaming space station as it falls to Earth at the end; GREAT FX there! And although "The Blob" usually gets the award for the monster movie with the best theme song, the psychedelic number that plays during "The Green Slime"'s opening credits is at least as good, if not better. All in all, most entertaining, and the print that TCM showed recently was absolutely pristine looking and gorgeous to look at....
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Wacky Sci fi film alert!
Fazeo29 July 1998
Long before the Alien movies became a staple of the sci fi genre, this 1969 Japanese cult classic introduced us to the concept of gross looking aliens running amuck on a space station. With ultra hip music, LSD conceived color schemes and the most stupidest alien monsters you've ever seen, this film will have you rolling with laughter throughout. Though a Japanese film, it has an all American cast, watching the bug eyed monsters take out everyone one by one is a pleasure. See this one.
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Not really horrible, despite the title
MartinHafer11 December 2007
With a title like "The Green Slime", your expectations for this film are certainly not going to be great. However, despite many knocks against the film other than the title, the overall effort is surprisingly watchable.

The film stars mostly American actors, though it was filmed in Japan and it shows. The sets and rockets are very reminiscent of those you might see in Japanese sci-fi films and Godzilla-type films. This isn't necessarily bad, as for this style of film it is one of the better ones. However, considering that in the US, 2001 was being released as well, then THE GREEN SLIME's special efforts really look shabby in comparison. I am sure that the folks that made this film felt much the same way and cursed 2001's brilliant special effects!

As for the plot, this is generally the best thing about this sci-fi film. The idea of a small and seemingly insignificant organism growing rapidly and taking over a space station is interesting and is reminiscent of movies such as THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN. I am sure that the folks at NASA were also seriously worried about such possibilities. I liked this idea, but unfortunately making this growing green menace look menacing and credible was tough--and the folks who made this film didn't even come close! The green glop morphed into silly looking creatures that looked a lot like the sea monster from "Sigmund and the Sea Monster"! I think if they'd just kept the green slime in the form of a rapidly spreading slime instead of silly electricity-spouting semi-humanoids it would have played out better.

So the overall effort has a lot of cheese as well as a few dumb performances (such as the doctor who needlessly gets himself killed and Richard Jaekel's very inconsistent character) but there is also a bit of charm about it, as this was kind of the last gasp for the 1950s style sci-fi yarn. Now, thanks to better special effects and audiences that expected more, films like THE GREEN SLIME were a dying breed.

By the way, you may recognize the female lead, Luciana Paluzzi. She was one of the Bond villains from THUNDERBALL and she was never lovelier.
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Eye of the Tiger baby, Eye of the Tiger!
BlackSabbath16 March 2000
The Green Slime... Well, that's wacky enough and it's only the title. This is one bad-mama-jamma of a movie. Okay, for being a good movie this one ranks near Rocky V. But for being an entertaining movie, this one ranks near Rocky III. Eye of the tiger baby, eye of the tiger. Plot elements of this thing: a stupid doctor; animosity between two good character actors (Robert Horton and Richard Jaeckel); a fat administrator who can't stop saying hell and damn; funny special effects; funny dialogue; explosions; green creatures spawned from slimy cells that have one giant red eye and tentacles that electrocute and they totally run amok; and finally the most unreal movie theme song in the history of time! What does all this make? No, not bread pudding, it instead makes a very watchable entertaining movie. Track this beauty down and slide it into your VCR and then let the slime command your mind. Eye of the tiger er slime.
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Mediocre science fiction film with rudimentary and primitive FX
ma-cortes30 November 2005
The film deals with an asteroid streaks toward a head-on collision with earth and the reaction to impeding doom by means of nuclear bombs (plot posteriorly used in blockbusters as ¨Armageddom¨ and ¨Deep impact¨) , being assigned for the mission a Major (Robert Horton) and a Commandant (Richard Jaeckel) of a spacial station . They go along for the ride on a strike force to attempt planetary salvation from space . They are going to a satellite to put on nuke charges and blowing it up . Later on , they return to the station but have brought aboard the ship a horrible alien monster in shape of green substance that mutates in malevolent tentacled creature that feeds energy . Meanwhile , both of whom dispute the love of the enticing ship doctor (Luciana Paluzzi).

The film is a cheap US-Japanese co-production with lack luster and little budget . Many of the background players are American military personnel who were based in Japan at the time . Special effects are ridiculous and embarrassing as are the cheesy monsters made with rubber . Although the green slime creatures were played by Japanese children in bulky monster suits . Aircrafts and spacial station are toys and made in lousy miniatures . However , the film has tension and suspense , being entertaining . Besides , appearing a magnificent secondary actor called Richard Jaeckel (Dirty dozen , Airplane) and the wonderful Luciana Paluzzi (Thunderball, Chuka) . The film was regularly directed by Kinji Fukasuku , author of some classic sci-fi movies (Virus, Battle Royale) . Rating : Below average.
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This movie scared the beejeezus out of me as a kid
Vigilante-40730 October 2002
I will admit it: When I was a child, The Green Slime scared the living beejeezus out of me. Actually, the promotional commercial for it on the CBS Late Night Movie scared me. I can't remember if I ever got to see the Green Slime part of the movie...I did have nightmares about that commercial for weeks afterwards.

Nowadays, I also have to admit that I feel like a complete idiot for being scared of this movie. The only real scary thing about this film is that they let Robert Horton AND Richard Jaeckel star in it. One I could've seen, but add both and you are just asking for trouble. Add to that the attempt to gel the whole thing as an "international" production, with American, English, Italian, and Japanese actors & actress (& production crews), and you've got a definite b-movie on your hands.

On the whole, The Green Slime is your average sci-fi spectacle. Unfortunately, it was released by M-G-M right after it released 2001: A Space Odyssey...and I think you can see the lack of any real comparison between the two. No insight here...just some rubbery monsters and some above-average Toho space effects.
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