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Season 3

19 Jul. 1972
The Meddlers: Part 1
With his new companions, Nikki and Chas, Tarot investigates a strange curse which has frightened the smallholders away from a London street market. Mr Dove, who watches from a nearby tower block through his binoculars, and Mockers, the local 'prophet of doom' are determined to hamper his progress.
9 Aug. 1972
The Power of Atep: Part 1
A strange dream about Egypt, shared by Tarot and Mikki, and a powerful voice at a séance, lead Tarot and friends to the tomb of Atep in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. There Tarot confronts his former stage partner and double. Quabal.
6 Sep. 1972
Peacock Pie: Part 1
Tarot meets Mr Peacock, a man with the with the power of suggestion. In Peacock's hands, torn strips of newspaper become bank notes; people book holidays to places they don't want to visit - and Tarot's stage act becomes a shambles.
27 Sep. 1972
Mama Doc: Part 1
When one of Mr Sweet's university colleagues, Professor Dorian, disappears, Tarot and his companions follow a trail which leads to a bizarre doll's hospital run by the eccentric Mama Doc. With her accomplice Bobby, the woman turns real people into dolls.
18 Oct. 1972
Sisters Deadly: Part 1
When Chas returns from a photograph assignment with no memory of the event or what happened after it - or the fact that he robbed the village post office shortly afterwards - Tarot uncovers the bizarre events behind a plot to kidnap a NATO Commander-in-Chief.
8 Nov. 1972
The Beautiful People: Part 1
When Mikki is refused entry to a small town fête run by two astonishing beautiful girls, Dee and Emm, Tarot investigates. He uncovers a complicated plot organized by a group of extra terrestrials - beautiful people with very special powers.

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