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Season 1

30 Oct. 1970
The Benefits of Earth
Landing on a planet shared by two races, one technically advanced though addicted to warfare and human sacrifice, the other living in a dream world of peace and sensitivity, Quick regards them as ideal material for reform.
6 Nov. 1970
People Isn't Everything
It doesn't pay to leave your spaceship in the care of the first friendly face you meet. Don and Sam discover this the hard way when, landing on the planet Ophiuchus, they find more than they bargained for; the face belongs to a castaway robot who also likes a drink.
13 Nov. 1970
The Higher the Fewer
Planet Melkion 5 is a planet with a difference. It's inhabitants have all taken refuge in 2000-storey skyscrapers, the top floors of which are reserved for the top people, while the lower classes occupy the lower floors. Don, as usual, can't leave well alone and starts turning everything upside down.
20 Nov. 1970
The Love Reflector
A planet populated entirely by beautiful girls holds hidden dangers for Don and Sam. Anyone succumbing to their charms pays a high price: an astronaut Don encounters succumbed a generation ago - and he is now only 6 inches tall.
27 Nov. 1970
The Quick and the Dead
When Don and Sam accidentally land their space capsule in volcano crater, Sam is convinced that he's dead. He panics further when the astronauts discover that the volcano houses strange assortment of gods.
4 Dec. 1970
Paradise Destruct
A planet where all the girls are beautiful, the vegetation lush and night and winter have been abolished. Paradise? It would be - to anyone but Don Quick, who cannot leave anything alone and out to change the odd thin or two.

 Season 1 

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