Shaft (1971) Poster


Charles Cioffi: Vic Androzzi



  • [last lines] 

    John Shaft : [on telephone]  Vic, your case just busted wide open.

    Vic Androzzi : So close it for me.

    John Shaft : Cut the crap man, this is Shaft. Looks like you gonna have to close it yo'self, *shitty*!

    [cackles maniacally] 

  • Vic Androzzi : What'cha got?

    John Shaft : I got laid.

  • John Shaft : Warms my black heart to see you so concerned about us minority folks.

    Vic Androzzi : Oh come on Shaft, what is it with this black shit, huh?

    [Vic holds a black pen up to Shaft's face] 

    Vic Androzzi : You ain't so black.

    John Shaft : [Holds a white coffee cup next to Vic's face]  And you ain't so white either baby.

  • Vic Androzzi : Have a chair, John.

    John Shaft : I don't like your chair.

  • Vic Androzzi : Call me when you get home.

    John Shaft : I will.

    Vic Androzzi : [leaves, motions as if to close the door, and then... ]  Close it yourself, shitty.


  • Vic Androzzi : You got a minute, Shaft?

    John Shaft : I got no use for no dirty postcards, Vic. Get off my back, huh.

  • Vic Androzzi : How come a couple-a cats from Harlem come downtown this morning looking for John Shaft?

    John Shaft : Well, they're soul brothers. They came down so I could teach 'em the handshake.

    Vic Androzzi : They find ya?

    John Shaft : Of course. I wasn't hiding.

    Vic Androzzi : If you find out anything, give me a call. I'm still at the 38th Precinct.

    John Shaft : Right on!

  • Vic Androzzi : That big eared Captain I got was listening. He thinks he heard you discussing a kidnappin'. Thinks the Mafia's involved. And he knows Bumpy Jones is involved.

    John Shaft : Tell him to ask Bumpy, then.

    Vic Androzzi : I did. He wants to ask you. Now. At the station. It's lousy timing right?

    John Shaft : Gonna take me in?

    Vic Androzzi : I will if I find ya. Are you home?

    John Shaft : Hell no.

    Vic Androzzi : That's too bad. Call me when you get home.

  • John Shaft : [Shaft's home, and Vic is there to bring Shaft down to the preccinct - captain wants to talk to him, but, tells Shaft he can't; since he hasn't 'seen' him, yet]  Hey, baby, please close the door, huh?

    Vic Androzzi : [Making fun of the girl]  Close it yourself, shitty!

  • Vic Androzzi : Somethings on the boil, John. I just want to know what it is before we need an adding machine to start countin' up the bodies.

  • Vic Androzzi : I'm not asking you to sell out. Just - tell me the name of the game so I know the rules.

  • John Shaft : It looks like war comin', huh?

    Vic Androzzi : It's a bad thing, John. Mafia against Bumpy. I mean, it's hood against hood - on the inside. On the outside, it's black against white. It could be, we could have tanks and troops on Broadway, if this thing breaks open.

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