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2 Oct. 1974
Death on the Run
A criminal and his gang spring a member of the gang who's in police custody because he was the one who hid the money from one of their jobs. But the man is shot in the process so they take him to a nearby doctor. Dave brings in his father who was in an accident. The criminal holds them there till the doctor can work on his man. But someone is trying to make sure the man doesn't live.
6 Nov. 1974
The Truck Murders
Dave is upset by the murder of a friend from his Marine service and investigates the circumstances. He learns his buddy was involved in a theatrical troupe which is staging a comeback of former star Clara.
4 Dec. 1974
The Lodester Ambush
Dave Barrett is transporting one of the Hobson brothers to face justice. But in a small town Barrett is ambushed by Hobson''s vicious sibling. Barrett and his prisoner take refuge with the townfolk afraid to help.

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