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4 Jan. 1977
Once a Snitch
Pepper poses as a prostitute to learn why an attempt was made on the life of the new chief of police.
18 Jan. 1977
Banker's Hours
Pepper is on the trail of a gang of female bank robbers.
25 Jan. 1977
The Disco Killer
Pepper assumes the identity of a woman who was shot during a record-company executive's murder.
1 Feb. 1977
Shadow of Doubt
Styles is suspected of complicity in the killing of his former girlfriend.
8 Feb. 1977
The Killer Cowboys
Frank Converse plays an airline pilot from Pepper's past who comes back to get her just a year or two after his wife's death.
15 Feb. 1977
A loan-shark operation terrorizes borrowers to collect bad debts.
22 Feb. 1977
A liquor-store stakeout for two robbers goes bad when one of the two cops is blown away by a shotgun before his partner can take down the two robbers. The crooks escape and wind up in Los Angeles, where the surviving cop joins Pepper's team. The cop goes right up the leader's shotgun barrel to knock him unconscious. While Pepper and Crowley wonder about the visiting cop's stability, they get word that a terrorist is planting bombs. This becomes an issue when they take the crooks to the airport and the crooks escape. Pepper and Crowley learn that one of the bombs is in...
1 Mar. 1977
An actress involved in making "provocotive" movies turns up dead. Pepper goes undercover to find out more about the late woman's employers. Eventually, she is found out, causing a foot chase with Pepper clothed in lingerie. Things look bad until the brother of the dead woman saves her life.
8 Mar. 1977
Silky Chamberlain
Con men relieve Crowley's gullible uncle of his life's savings.
22 Mar. 1977
Deadline: Death
When a reporter is killed by a car bomb, the man's son starts search for his father's killer.
25 Oct. 1977
Do You Still Beat Your Wife?
Pepper and Bill help a battered wife who refuses to press charges against her husband.
1 Nov. 1977
Pepper acts as a target by offering Congressional testimony against an international gun-running operation.
8 Nov. 1977
Means to an End
Pepper infiltrates a college drug ring to learn who is supplying cheap but lethal drugs to students.
22 Nov. 1977
The Inside Connection
A rookie policewoman is killed while investigating prison drug traffic, so Pepper goes undercover and discovers the prison counselor is more than she seems.
6 Dec. 1977
A serial rapist preys on hitchhikers and records their screams.
13 Dec. 1977
The Buttercup Killer
When a Greek shop owner is found gunned down, Crowley is surprised to learn that robbery wasn't the apparent motive -- the victim was petrified with terror even before the fatal shot was fired. The killer dons a nun's habit and walks with a profound limp. The only clue is a dried buttercup flower dropped next to the victim. When another family member is killed in the same manner, the team realizes a serial killer is at work, and the clues are designed to remind the victims of a dead or absent woman back in the old country, someone whom they wronged terribly and are ...
14 Dec. 1977
Merry Christmas Waldo
In this remake of a "Police Story" episode from that show's first season (but with a different outcome), an old pensioner celebrates the Christmas season by robbing banks through trickery, usually donning a Santa suit and passing a note claiming he has an armed partner (or, in one case, getting a sidewalk Santa to stand by while he robs the bank in civilian clothes). The old man lives very quietly, except that he's a forceful advocate for the elderly. Pepper and Crowley begin to suspect that he's not pulling the robberies for himself, but to benefit other old people.
21 Dec. 1977
Death Game
It's hot and the air keeps going out in the police station. A street kid threatens Pepper while she drags him into a prison cell, making her wonder why the guys seem to take their rage out on women, if there's one around. Then, frustrated that their latest drug bust (Nehemiah Persoff) has already made bail before they can finish their drinks at Vinnie's, Pepper leaves the bar and almost gets run over on purpose in the parking lot, but, being a good cop, she just goes home and doesn't tell anybody about it until later. When she finally does, Bill is pissed, and they ...
28 Dec. 1977
An icy lawyer and his lackey, a music producer, both of whom are shaking down criminal suspects for money to buy off the charges against them, see the chance to pin their crimes on a young cop who's too eager to bust suspects and rise in the ranks. Features two good gunfights.

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