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  • A bunch of lovely teenage schoolgirls work at a secret brothel where they have sex with high paying older men. After the girls all get arrested for prostitution, several of them discuss how they wound up working at said brothel: Helga gets guys to do her homework in exchange for sex, an ice cream parlor waiter promises three gals free ice cream if they all have sex with him, enticing hitchhiker Monika lures men to a remote barn so she can rob them of their money, brainy virgin Karla convinces her father's business partner to deflower her, an uptight Prussian teacher encounters rowdy Bavarian students in his classroom, and smitten student Gaby pretends to be her mother so she can make love to a teacher she has a crush on.


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  • Because a client didn't get exactly what (or who) he wants in Albert's brothel (where the prostitutes are underage schoolgirls) he reports the operation to the police. Soon Albert and his schoolgirl-hookers find themselves in court, where the girls and witnesses tell stories that have something to do with the case: Scene 1: concerns Helga Steinbüchel (Christina Lindberg?), who is unexpectedly joined by a male classmate while masturbating under a shower at school. She finds it so stimulating that before long she is addicted to sex. Then she meets Albert, who asks her to become a hooker in his brothel, to which she readily agrees. Scene 2: is about Italian café owner Carlo, who is persuaded by a schoolgirl and her friends Gerlinde (Puppa Armbruster) and Anja (Gisela Schwartz) to have sex with them in exchange for a year's worth of ice cream. But after the first girl he's so pooped he can't do the other two. Just as well, since thats when his wife (Margot Mahler), having found out about their shenanigans, enters the room leading to a wild naked chase through the hotel. Scene 3: is the story of Monika (Sonja Jeannine), who hitches rides with rich men and lures them to a remote cabin where they are robbed by her friends. But then one of the men dies, and her priest is a witness. So Monika goes to confession to make his testimony subject to the seal of confession. Undeterred, Father Schumann follows her until she leads him to her criminal friends. Fortunately, Monika has since realized the error of her ways and saves his life. Scene 4: concerns Karla Döring (Deborah Ralls), a virgin whose approach to defloration is by the book and clinically scientific. She chooses one of her father's business associates to deflower her, since he is experienced and therefore knows how to do it. Little does he realize what he's in for! Scene 5: is the story of a young Prussian professor who is supposed to teach at a Bavarian village school, but is immediately set upon by his students, who flash their goods in such a way that he soon has a nervous breakdown and flees. Scene 6: is about young Gaby Otterman (Marianne Dupont), who's madly in love with her teacher, who is in love with her mother (Helena Rosenkranz). So she resorts to putting on a wig resembling her mother's hairdo, dims the lights and has sex with him. When he discovers the deception, he decides for Gaby's sake to break off with her mother, leave the school and get out of town.

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