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Season 4

28 Sep. 1977
New Girl in Town
Baretta is in a blue funk because of a string of failed relationships with women; in fact, the opening finds him nursing a massive hangover and crawling to the phone after going on a bender after another breakup. So who does he get as a new partner? A real bitch --literally. Kelly, a female dog, is brought in to work with Baretta as both sniff out (him figuratively, her literally) a dangerous psychedelic mushroom. Baretta gradually gains respect for the dog -- but then both of them start ducking rifle bullets from an aging Mob hit man. Fortunately, the hired gun is ...
5 Oct. 1977
Somebody Killed Cock Robin
Somebody Killed Cock Robin.
7 Dec. 1977
Lyman P. Dokker, Fed
Strother Martin's third and final episode casts him as a nerdy FBI computer expert who desperately wants to get out into the field. When his bosses in Washington pooh-pooh that idea, he creates a "supercop" with the name in the episode's title and casts himself in the role (Robert Blake used the same pseudonym, with a slight change of spelling, for his part as executive producer of "Hell Town" eight years later). "Dokker" then assigns himself to a case where an Algerian smuggler was murdered for the fortune in emeralds he was carrying. The victim told Billy, while ...
2 Feb. 1978
It's a Boy
Baretta is entertaining a girlfriend in his apartment when there is a knock on his door. He opens the door to find an old girlfriend and her infant son -- and she claims he is the father. Baretta reluctantly takes on the role. While the two of them are walking near the ocean, a hired gun with a high-powered rifle fires at them. The rifleman then spins around and puts a bullet through the windshield of another car -- but he misses the driver and the car crushes him to death, then backs out and peels rubber away from the scene. A check on the dead man reveals he was a ...
18 May 1978
The Bundle
Two thugs knock over a manufacturing plant and make off with a $200,000 payroll. They know the money is hot and make arrangements with a man named Trudgeon to launder it, passing it through channels and returning $50,000 in clean cash to them. Meanwhile, back at Baretta's apartment, he and Billy are busy making stew when their pimp buddy Rooster turns up -- in a business suit? The reason comes very quickly with a trilled "Oh Quen-tinnn! Where are youuuuu?" Rooster is posing as a legitimate businessman to impress his cousin and her friend, both of whom have come to Los...

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