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Sex & Nudity

  • A teenage couple is seen embracing in the water; some moans are heard; sex is implied
  • As the camera approaches the swimmer from below (3 minutes in), it becomes evident that she is completely naked.
  • A teenage girl goes skinny dipping. It is at night, but the silhouette of her bare breast is briefly seen. Her butt is seen
  • A woman asks her husband if he "wants to get drunk and fool around," implying sex.

Violence & Gore

  • A man's severed head appears in the hull of a sunken boat. One of his eye sockets is empty. Quite gruesome.
  • A man slides into Jaws' mouth. Jaws chomps down on his waist and blood fills the water. There is a close up of him being chomped repeatedly as blood fills the water and wounds open up on his body. Blood erupts from his mouth and he is fully consumed by the shark. A large pool of blood is left in the water, and the shark's mouth is covered in blood.
  • A teenage girl's hand, missing one finger, turns up on the beach. There is no blood.
  • A man is dragged out of a rowboat by a shark. He is partially seen in its mouth as it bites down. This is somewhat obscured by the bubbles and water. His bloody severed leg is then seen sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Plenty of blood clouds the water.
  • A boy is attacked while swimming. Blood spurts and bubbles everywhere, clouding the water in red.
  • A man investigates a corpse. He gives a graphic description of how she was killed by the shark.
  • A man shoots at the shark. Many bloody bullet holes are seen in the shark as blood trails in the water.
  • A shark is killed. It has blood all over its mouth. Later, its stomach is cut open and lots of white fluid spills out. A man pulls fish, a licence plate, and other items out as well.
  • A man looks at pictures of shark victims that have chunks of flesh missing. The skin is healed up around the wounds in one picture, but it is still rather gruesome.
  • A man digs a hook into a piece of fish. Many bloody pieces of fish are thrown into the water.
  • A man tells some disturbing and violent stories about people who were killed by sharks. He speaks of them being ripped in half and torn to pieces.
  • A shark's head is blown up. It is full of blood and chunks of flesh. The shark's head is blown to bits, and pieces of it fly everywhere and, along with its mangled corpse, sink to the bottom of the ocean.


  • s word was censored in television.
  • A few blasphemous utterances of 'Jesus' and 'Christ'. Also, 'crap' is uttered.
  • 5 uses of "a*s", 5 uses of "b*tch", 3 uses of "b*st*rd", 2 uses of "sh*t", 5 uses of "d*mn", 4 uses of "G*dd*mn", 7 uses of "h*ll", and 1 incomplete "son of a b*tch".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of teenagers pass around a marijuana joint and drink while on a beach.
  • People are shown drinking.
  • People are shown smoking.
  • Three men sit around in a boat drinking and begin to appear drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This film is extremely mature for a PG rated movie especially in 1975 and even today the PG seems low. Considering the sexual references, the language, the drug and alcohol use, the violent and gruesome/bloody imagery, this film might get an R rating if released today, or at least a very hard PG-13.
  • This movie would most likely make you stay out of the water. Some scenes with the shark are disturbing.
  • Appropriate rating would be: PG-13 for horror violence, bloody images, some sensuality, brief nudity, and thematic elements
  • There are several scenes of surprising fright - for example, a diver is examining a damaged boat and while looking into an underwater hole in the hull, a severed head appears.
  • The scenes with the shark are usually very intense and disturbing; the shark may appear frightening to some viewers.
  • A man's dog goes missing, as he is playing with him on a crowded beach that is being monitored by beach patrol for a possible shark in the area. The man calls the dog repeatedly, only to see the stick the dog was playing fetch with, bobbing in the waves. It is assumed that the dog was consumed by the shark. This may be upsetting for younger viewers or animal lovers.

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