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Sex & Nudity

    • A man slaps a girl in the face, she falls on her bed with her robe open which exposes her breasts.
    • A man and a girl can be seen having sex, he caresses her stomach and breasts.
    • Shortly after the sex scene another man walks into the room and has sex with the girl (she's completely naked), this is only implied since the man only jumps on her and can be seen holding her.
    • A girl can be seen walking topless on a boat.
    • A man takes girls vest off and exposes her breasts, it is implied that he and his friend have their way with her.

Violence & Gore

    • 2 Men on a bike violently attempt to rob a woman, one of them grabs the woman's purse. The woman refuses to let go and gets dragged over the road for a few seconds, she hits her head (blood can be seen on her face). One of the robbers tries to take her purse and kicks her in the face.
    • A dog gets run over by a bike, the dog can be seen lying on the curb with a little bit of blood splatter.
    • A robber ends up getting killed after having an accident with his bike, his stomach is show being impaled by the handle.
    • A man gets shot in the back with a shotgun (slightly bloody).
    • A man gets crushed between 2 cars, blood can be seen running out of his mouth.
    • There's a fist fight between 4 men.
    • A couple of cars are set on fire, it is implied that 2 men burn to their deaths.
    • An elderly woman is being held hostage, one of the hostage takers bashes the woman's head against a chair and slaps her in the face.
    • The 3 hostage takers get shot to death, there are no bloody entry wounds. One of them spits out a bit of blood.
    • A man gets beaten up, one of his attackers gouges his eye out (offscreen).
    • A man gets shot in the face with a silencer, only a blood smear can be seen (nothing graphic). He shoots another man 2 seconds later (no blood).
    • 3 Masked men gets shot with a silencer, there are no visible wounds.
    • 2 Men are being beaten up by 2 police officers, one of them gets punched and kicked a few times. The other gets hit in the face with a frying pan.
    • The 2 men who got beaten by the 2 police officers get hand cuffed and hanged by their wrists, one of the officers pulls them just to hurt their wrists (a blood smear can be seen on their wrists). The cop then grabs the both of them by their crotches.
    • A man gets shot and falls off of a hill.
    • A man attemps to kill a cop by using a shotgun, he gets shot instead.
    • A sniper gets shot in the back of the head, the entry wound is slightly bloody but non convincing (no gore or whatsoever).
    • A man gets shot in the face, it only leaves a bloody scar on the cheek and the man has blood running out of his mouth.
    • A man gets shot in the head, only a small bloody dot can be seen.
    • A man gets shot about 2 times (offscreen).
    • A boat is being blown up.
    • There's no graphic violence or gore in this movie, the only 2 scenes which could be considered as slightly graphic are the failed robbery of a woman at the beginning of the movie. And the killing of a dog.


    • Minor uses of profanity, someone can be heard saying fuck.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • A man takes a sip from a bottle but spits it out.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • The hostage scene could be considered as intense.
    • A man shows unsympathetic behaviour towards a cat, and holds it by it's neck. The cat can be heard miauwing, nothing violent or whatsoever but animal lovers could be annoyed by this.
    • A man takes his eyepatch off and shows his disfigured eye, nothing graphic.

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