The Old Fox Poster

(1977– )

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Season 47

16 Mar. 2018
Wer bremst, hat verloren
Benjamin Welz died in an street race; a tire and a wheel have been surely sabotaged.In his car the police found a camera and 60.000 euros. Before the race Benjamin was in a parking near the restaurant Babylon, he made a deal with someone and then was looking for a man called Samir.Richard has to tell the notice of the death to Andreas Welz,the father of Benjamin and the spokesman of the transit authority (he spoke once about speed limitation and was against street races).Then Richard and Tom visit the bar of Hassan: he said that he doesn't know Benjamin, but the group...
23 Mar. 2018
Das perfekte Glück
Viktor Schubert has fallen from a building and with him a rain of banknotes (about 10.000 Euros) that were collected by the emergency personal.Nora Schubert , the sister of Viktor ,arrives and Richard tells the notice of the death.She explains that she went out and would come back a little later.The team is analyzing the story of NOra and Viktor, they lost first their father (suicide) and then their mother : the have a chain of beauty parlors in Düsseldorf, Munich and Vienna and also a nice chalet at the Stamberg lake.The fiance of Nora, Justus Neumann is a real ...
30 Mar. 2018
Die Kunst des Scheiterns
Richard Voss and Dr. Franziska Sommerfeld were listening to a discussion about the failure: the discussion was interrupted because a young man threw eggs against Konstantin Berger.Suddenly the noise of a shot.Julia and Frieder went the bathroom and inside Richard finds the corpse of Konstantin Berger killed by a shot in the heart.Julia says that she saw a man escaping from the place.Richard and Tom meet the father-in-law, Helmut Görtz who seems to have very few relations with his son-in-law.The team identifies the egg thrower as Robert Mencke, a programmer, but this ...
6 Apr. 2018
Fürs Kind allein
For the child alone.
13 Apr. 2018
In voller Absicht
The manager of artists Freddy Mohr has been killed in the basement of his his house: a shot in the head.His wife ,who came back from her jogging and Valerie Spechter who was looking for an advice found the corpse of Freedy in the basement.Immediately Simone Spechter, her husband, Benno and Valerie give a press conference to the journalists.Besides Valeie took a picture of Richard and published it on her blog.Who are the Spechter ? Valerie is influencer, Simone has a program about health and Benno manages a contest program.Lena and Freddy were about to separate ...
20 Apr. 2018
A young man has fallen from a building: his corpse lies at 4 meters of the building base.His name is Maik Rotthoff.His mother is very sad and can not understand the death of her son.She calls Bernd Rotthoff, the father of Maik, who was also football player but had to stop his career for an injury of his knee.The father comes and explain that Maik was a very good player.Then two important notices: the corpse was removed from a witness and in the autopsy Dr. Franziska Sommerfeld noticed injuries in the thorax.Then it seems to be a murder.In a meeting in the center of ...
27 Apr. 2018
A crime has been committed near a center for immigrants.The victim is Rüdiger Löss,near his corpse a camera, but the memory card is missing.He has been killed near 11 pm by a shot, but the bullet is missing.Rüdiger was a journalist coming from Litwa.He has taken photographs of the container-house, an experiment of social integration.Before Tom arrives to this place, Beng and Irma were talking together, Ahmad Sammeer arrives also to speak with Beng and Irma.On the other side of the street a woman was looking at them.Beng and Irma speak about the demonstration of ...

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