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sentra148 May 2005
Another one of the many many good short-lived shows that got the axe for one reason or another. The premise of the show is that Lucan was lost in the northern Minnesota wilderness as a baby and was captured when he was 10 years old and kept at a research university for the next 10 years. Dr. Hoagland took the boy under his wings and taught him everything he needed to know to survive in the civilized world. At the age of 20, Lucan caught two men stealing drugs from a lab and there was a fire in which one of the men died. Lucan was blamed for the death and had to run away and was pursued by an obsessed cop, Mr. Prentiss. Lucan was still always in contact with Dr. Hoagland and would meet with him to give advice or help him elude Mr. Prentiss. Lucan's mission was to find his real parents and followed any leads he could find. Sometimes this was a detriment when people with ill intentions used this to lure him in for their own selfish reasons. Lucan didn't really have any super powers, he just reverted to his wolf/animal instinct when under pressure. He could run faster and jump higher but he couldn't make anyone disappear. This show followed the popular formula originated in The Fugitive series - a man on the run who went from town to town, always made friends easily and was being pursued by an obsessed cop. Lucan was an MGM production, so I am assuming Ted Turner owns the show. I have managed to track down the pilot and 6 other episodes and am seeking the other 5. I also acquired the rare movie Stalk The Wild Child starring David Janssen. This movie is from 1976, about the same time Lucan would have been filming. It is very similar to Lucan but I don't know if this movie was actually any inspiration for the Lucan series or not.
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Wonderful show!
annettec-114 October 2005
I don't agree.Personally I loved that show! And i really liked Kevin Brophy. I don't think it was on long enough! I think they should have it in reruns! I admit, part of the attraction to the show was Kevins good looks, but I honestly did like the show. I always liked the concept of someone being raised out of their species and how they would react. That's where Tarzan comes from. It's not totally unheard of. If it was out on DVD, I would buy it in a second.I wish they would have Kevin do a follow up movie on it. That would be interesting! They could show how being raised by wolves hindered/or helped in his life. His rugged good looks made him very easy to look at.Shows have come and shows have gone, but i think "Lucan" was one of the good ones. They don't make shows like they use to. Good Quality family shows. They should bring them back.
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Man raised by wolves that give him super powers.
icelandknight26 February 2005
I've only seen two episodes in this TV series, but the ones I saw totally captured me. I have been trying to get local TV stations to show the series without success. They claim they can't find anything about this show! Now I can point them to this web space! Lucan was raised by wolves and somehow this gives him super powers. When he's enraged his eyes glow red and he goes berserk, a one man army. In one episode I saw he was coerced into becoming a boxer, and was titled something like "ONE HIT WONDER", because that's all it took when he became enraged enough, to knock out his opponents. Of course the plot thickens when he is commanded to take a DIVE so some mobsters can make a bundle, since everyone is betting on him winning. This means he has to keep his unnatural rage in check while being hammered on in the ring.

When watching these shows one can't help but feel someone sat down and tried to find out what possible super powers wolves MIGHT have... and give the super version to Lucan. Among powers he had were keen eyesight in darkness, allowing him to identify creatures at a distance which was very reminiscent of "Six Million Dollar Man". In fact, the show might be compared to many super hero TV series, like the incredible "Hulk" and "Bionic Woman", but in both cases the reason for their super powers is better explained, and possibly more "reasonable".

Like in the TV series "Kung Fu", each show had a moral message, or a social comment, for example how WE, the supposedly "civilized people, can seem more like animals than someone who was raised by them.

I'd love to see MORE shows like this one! 5/5 No question.
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Lucan is great
gingasnaps12 September 2012
I'm a sucker for fugitive shows and this was terrific. It was a cross between the classic "The Fugitive" TV series and The Incredible Hulk. (Two of the best of the genre.) I loved that Lucan had animal/wolf like abilities and how his eyes glowed red-gold when he used them. He didn't quite have "super powers." And of course he's a true hero you can relate to - a sweet, easy-going and ruggedly handsome young man on a quest to find his real parents. Along the way he helps people.

Kevin Brophy was perfectly cast! Why he wasn't utilized more in Hollywood I simply don't know. He played Lucan with great earnestness and you truly believed in the character and wanted him to find his family.

This show should've lasted longer. It was smart and well-acted with a fascinating concept based on a true case of a wolf-boy in the woods.
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Just to correct a fellow Lucan Supporter
Canis_Lupus11 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Show you saw was called "ONE PUNCH WOLFSON". Lucan was convinced he could use the money gained by becoming a small time prize fighter to pay a detective to help in his quest to find his parents. The private eye proves to just be using Lucan's fervent desire to find his parents to line his pockets while doing nothing to help Lucan. Lucan is befriended by an inner city youth involved in the boxing game. Many intrigues occur but in the end Lucan wins a fight. His doctor friend uncovers the detectives low motives forcing him to return money wrongly taken from Lucan for services not rendered.

Lucan eventually continues his trek to find his parents. Take it I am a real Lucan fan. I know most of the Lucan episodes by heart.
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Great Show!
CherCee27 December 2018
Even though it only lasted for 1 season 40 years ago, I still remember this show fondly! Kevin Brophy's good looks and acting skill plus the interesting plots made an impression on me!
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boy raised by wolves until age 10 tries to rejoin humanity Warning: Spoilers
I honestly don't recall a great deal about this series, Lucan, except that i did watch some of the few episodes which were shown in the 1970s. I am glad that some others recall the program even existed, though! From I can recall, it was good program which, like many others, wasn't given a chance to find an audience. I seem to recall he did have some limited super powers though which was just enough to call the series science fiction - it is listed as such in some sources, in any case.

Many short-run TV series of the 1970s now seem to finally be in the process of being released on DVD, and hopefully this show will as well. For the record, there are some well-documented cases of this kind of "feral children" in the real world.
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