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Season 3

5 Nov. 1980
Aloha, You're Dead: Part 1
Tanna is kidnapped by a cartel of illegal casino operators who recruit him to kill Philip Roth, whom they see as a threat when they learn that Roth plans to expand his casino empire into international markets. They do this by taking Tanna to their base in Hawaii and hypnotize him to try to get him to kill Roth.
12 Nov. 1980
Black Cat Killer
When several people including Bea are attacked by a person wearing black, Dan sets out to find out who and why. Eventually he learns that Bea and all the other victims just came from a vacation in Mexico. As Dan searches for the killer and other possible victims, he meets a reporter who wants to do a story. Dan reluctantly lets her join him.
19 Nov. 1980
Sudden Death
Dan fatally shoots a man who points a gun at him. When he finds out it was a young guy with a BB gun, Dan is deeply affected. He investigates the guy's life, which creates friction.
26 Nov. 1980
Love Affair
A $2,500/night call girl is shot by her pimp, Phil, Dick Sargent. Meanwhile Dan is falling in love with Pam, Priscilla Barnes. Unbeknownst to Dan, she is one of Phil's girls named Satin @$5,000/night. Dan's running headlong into heartbreak.
3 Dec. 1980
A Deadly Victim
When two vagrants come across an attempted hit, and one of them is killed. The other calls Dan. When Dan goes to the place and asks Nelson to meet him and there are no signs of a hit. Dan then sees the vagrant; an old friend. Dan believes her and sets out to prove it. Later some men tell Dan to back off which he doesn't. Dan learns that the government may be involved. And the hit men set out to find her.
10 Dec. 1980
Deadly Blessings
Dan helps a nun locate some property that was bequeathed to her. He learns that the property is the land that Roth's hotel is on. While Roth tries to deal with her. Someone tries to kill her.
17 Dec. 1980
Christmas Story
While trying to spend a romantic Christmas with Rocket in the mountains, Dan's long lost daughter shows up. He finds that he did know her mother 12 years ago, and she (Jill Whelan) is 11 and a half.
7 Jan. 1981
The Andreas Addiction
Joe Penny, June Lockhart, and Don Stroud. Regarding a vendetta, Dan is addicted to angel dust and heroin planted in Dan's morning health drink. He is, then, held captive. Lt. Nelson, Bea and Binzer are franticly looking for him.
14 Jan. 1981
Sourdough Suite
When a prospector comes across some men that ends with some of the men being shot.He goes over and gets the two bags they brought with them In one of them is papers and in the other is money. So he goes into town and starts to spend some of it, he even tries to give Dan some who refuses. And when Dan asks him where he got, he gives a lame story. Later the men who want the papers track him down. And Dan is caught in the crossfire.
21 Jan. 1981
Murder by Mirrors
Bea on final approach of her 1st solo flight, see's a murder on the ground. Tannna, Nelson and Bea go to the home and are met by the wealthy Lyle Jeffries-Patrick Macnee. A pool party is taking place so no one believes Bea, except Dan.
18 Feb. 1981
Three young girls who are on probation are being coerced by their probation officer to help him extort men who came to town looking for a little action from young girls. One of the girls' mother suspects something's going on hires Dan to find out and help them.
25 Feb. 1981
After the D.I. death of 2 security guards, 1 of whom was very close to Roth, in an effort to tighten security, Roth hires Dan to put together the team of his choice to try and knock off any of his 5 casinos. Slick is paying $25,000.00 each.
4 Mar. 1981
No Way to Treat a Victim
A masked man kidnaps and rapes Bea's friend Lisa and Lisa thinks her boyfriend was killed in the attack. More attacks happen. Bea feels responsible and asks Dan to help.
11 Mar. 1981
Time Bomb
A couple of men who know Binzer are staying at the hotel and when they see they jump him, Dan tries to help but they get away. Binzer tells Dan he doesn't know them. Later they show up at Binzer's place and it seems that a few years ago Binzer helped them rob someone and they were caught and were sent to prison for three years and Binzer got away with the money. Binzer claims that he lost the money but they don't believe him. They tell Binzer to get the money or else they'll turn him in for being an accomplice in the robbery.
18 Mar. 1981
Out of Sight
Two men grab Dan out of his place and take him to the desert where they try to kill him but Dan tries to get away but is shot. When Dan is found and taken to the hospital. When he wakes up, he discovers he's blind. Dan thinks that the case he was currently working on, wherein an oilman suspects another oilman whom he is competition for some oil leases, is mobbed up, is why someone tried to kill him, because it looks like a mob hit. And later one of the doctors at the hospital tells Dan than his blindness was not caused by the gun shot. The doctor thinks it could be ...
25 Mar. 1981
Set Up
Nelson gets a call from one of his informants who asks Nelson to meet him. Nelson goes there and finds the man dead, that's when someone knocks him out. He then takes out Nelson's gun and puts another one in his hands. He then goes out and tampers with the phone and Nelson's radio. When Nelson wakes up he tries to call but can't, he then tries to use the radio but couldn't also. So he drives of. When he returns he finds police cars already there. An investigation ensues and they discover that it was Nelson's gun that was used to kill the man. Nelson says he was set up...
15 Apr. 1981
The Killing
A couple (Pamela Franklin and Jerry Ayres) are at their wedding anniversary. 2 masked men rob the restaurant, and then machine gun all the patrons.
22 Apr. 1981
Seek and Destroy
A Russian who was testing a new fighter plane decides to defect and goes to Las Vegas and lands at the nearby military base. One of the bases intelligence men is contacted by an informant who tells him that the Russians have mobilized a team to take out the pilot and the plane. He learns one of the members of the team is a Las Vegas based private investigator who's an explosive expert. So he calls Dan to help him. Before he can meet Dan the men grab him and his contact and take them away. They are later found killed in a car accident which Dan claims is not true. Dan ...
29 Apr. 1981
Dead Ringer
Someone sent Wayne Newton a message saying he is a fake and if he continues to perform he will die. So Wayne calls Dan and tries to find out who this guy is.
6 May 1981
French Twist
French detective Rambeua (Louis Jourdan) returns to investigate male escorts, including Randolph Mantooth. He stays with Dan and Bea dates Mantooth.
27 May 1981
Judgment Pronounced
A criminal just as he is leaving the courthouse with his lawyer, after beating another rap, is shot by a man driving a car like Dan's and dressed like Dan. Dan is brought in and he can't account for his whereabouts at the time of the shooting. When the witness can't make a positive id, Dan's released and he tries to find out who's impersonating him. Later another criminal is killed and this time the witness says it's Dan.
3 Jun. 1981
Nightmare Come True
At the insistence of worried parents, Dan teams up with a beautiful psychic, Cynthia Jennnings (Cristina Ferrare) to find their kidnapped daughter (Karlene Crockett). Ransom is 2 million in diamonds. Binzer tries to help Bea go on a diet.

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