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Sex & Nudity

  • Standard late 70s early 80s innuendo. The notable instances include:
  • -Jennifer wears a strapless dress that reveals her cleavage in the episode where Johnny takes a job offer in California.
  • -Mr. Carlson's wife gets pregnant and his employees discuss how romantic they think he'd be.
  • -Herb pursues Jennifer and Bailey throughout the series, but not in a violent way, more annoying than anything else.
  • -Les opens a box and finds a Copper Cob Award (a corn cob figurine made entirely of copper mounted to a small rectangular platform). He says "oooohhh" excitedly and holds it out innocently to show Jennifer, but she's creeped out by the shape of it (it closely resembles male anatomy). He says "I must go off to show Bailey!" and Jennifer whispers "oh dear."
  • -Jennifer tongue-kisses Johnny and he passes out. It turns out that she's pretending to be his wife to chase off a possessive man from her hometown.
  • -Several gay jokes, though not in an overly offensive or crude manner, are presented. These are more to show the prejudices of the times and why such jokes are wrong, so the series had them there as more of a statement.
  • -Les is rather sexist towards Bailey when she first shows up, telling her that she could never be with "the men of journalism", but as he gets to know her he apologizes and they become close friends.

Violence & Gore

  • No gore, and the violence is usually just petty arguments meant to be comedic.
  • In one episode, the characters of the station discuss the deaths of eleven kids who were trampled at a rock concert. This episode was made to raise awareness of a real-life case involving eleven kids who were crushed to death thanks to "festival seating". It is more sad than scary.
  • In "Les on a Ledge", a rumor is started about Les supposedly being gay, to the point where he nearly kills himself by climbing onto a high ledge in the city. Herb goes out to rescue him and falls off, supposedly to his death, but it later turns out that a net was put in place to catch him.


  • Nothing serious, most of it is innuendo and the few swear words are "damn" and "hell".
  • Some sexual innuendo and drug references but nothing that younger viewers would really pick up on.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • It is heavily implied that Johnny Fever is either drunk or on pot several times, and in some episodes he smokes cigarettes.
  • The episode "Baby It's Cold Inside" features Mama Carlson getting drunk on Johnny Fever's brandy and acting like an idiot in a funny way throughout the show.
  • Carlson and his wife share alcohol in his office.
  • Jennifer is offered champagne in one episode but she refuses the offer. She drinks at parties throughout the series on occasion.
  • Andy is offered whiskey (referred to as "hooch") by a client in the episode Walk A Mile in my Shoes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are very few, if any, intense or frightening scenes in this show. Anything that is would only be considered PG-13.
  • Les and Bailey hug each other and cry when Bailey admits her grief over an accident in one episode. Though not frightening, this scene is incredibly sad.

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