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Sex & Nudity

  • -There is one sequence where a cult cuts open a dead body and then eats the internal organs (fake). They then engage in an orgy while covering themselves with the cadaver's blood. Women are shown topless.
  • Some naked cadavers are seen.

Violence & Gore

  • -There is a lot of "REAL" footage of surgical procedures, autopsies, and cadavers is various different distorted or mummified states.
  • -There is a lot of REAL footage of animal violence. The film shows footage from a slaughterhouse that is very bloody and gory. Also shown is footage of seal hunters clubbing seals, however there is not very much actual gore shown. A rooster's head is cut off by a farmer and we see the body bouncing around on the ground afterwards. A cow is punctured with a sharp object and people gather and drink the blood.
  • -There is also very fake animal footage. Most famously is the monkey sequence. This sequence shows diners in a strange resteraunt where they put a monkey in a cage and the diners beat in its head with mallets. Then the head is cut open and the diners eat the monkey's brains. Very gory. However, the commentary on the dvd version of the film admits that this sequence is fake.
    • An animal control man is snatched from a boat by a large crocodile. We see his mutilated remains as they are pulled out from the water. This is all shown as a newscast, but this sequence is also fake.
    • A man videotaping a bear while his wife feeds it bread is attacked and mauled by the bear.
    • A man goes crazy and is shooting a gun from his house. When the man runs out on the front porch the police shoot him. This is seen in good detail, and the man is shot many times. Then the camera follows policemen as they go into the house and find the bloody bodies of the man's wife and children. This sequence, although looking extremely realistic, is fake.
    • A cult of people cut open a dead body and eat the internal organs.
    • A man catches on fire.
    • A man is graphically executed in an electric chair. We see his face close up as he foams at the mouth. Blood than pours from under his eye bandages.
    • A man's head is cut off as an execution. This is also fake.
    • Many bloody train wreck and car accident victims are shown.
    • A woman jumps from a building and we see her hit the ground.
  • -We see the graphic aftermath of a person that was ran over by a bus, we see their head and brains split open, very disturbing


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire film is EXTREMELY disturbing, not for the faint of heart. I am a hard-core horror fan and I had trouble watching this. The thing that makes the film the most frightening is the "Blair Witch Project" feel in all the cases. Most of the film is made up of what is supposedly real news reports, home video tapes, ect. with onlookers reacting strongly. This makes the film seem very real, which is disturbing.

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