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  • Vijay Kumar is the illegitimate son of a construction baron, Raj Kumar Gupta and his first love, Shanti, whom he gives up in order to marry a wealthy heiress. Raj does not know of this son, who grows up and after his mother's death comes to Delhi to take revenge on the Gupta family by destroying the family's business and connections with each other.

  • Raj Kumar Gupta works as an engineer in a construction company and wholeheartedly loves a poor woman name Shanti. When he brings this love story to his mother's attention she immediately disapproves as she has plans for him to marry his employer's daughter, Kamini. Raj gives in to his mother's wish and years later he now manages the construction company; unknown to him that Shanti has given birth to a son, Vijay who she tells her story to and who also promises to avenge her carnage. Vijay finds out Raj's where-about and will now go to any length to carry out the promise made to his mother.

  • All is well with the world for Shanti, a self-respecting middle-class secretary, when she falls in love with Raj, an engineer in a construction company. But Raj's mother has bigger ambition for him. Raj's boss Seth Deendayal expresses his desire to get his daughter, Kamini, married to him and make him a partner. Raj's mother is jublient at the opportunity. She convinces her son to agree to the proposal. That changes life for Shanti. Shanti leaves the city and endures many hardships to bring up her illegitimate son Vijay. She brings him up to be a strong and confident man. She confides her life story to him. After Shanti's death Vijay goes in search of the man who betrayed his mom for the riches. That man is now a millionaire and owner of a very big construction company in Delhi. Vijay is still a poor guy with nothing but self-confidence and his mom's blessings. A great movie unfolds about Vijay's struggle to gain a foothold in the city and how he makes his presence known to his father. Sanjeev Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan present sterling performance as father and son. The battle is not only of money but also of minds. The dialogues are simply superb. Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Poonam Dillon and Sachin provide delightful support. Rakhee is very good as a level-minded intelligent secretary. One must see the movie to find out how Vijay faces all challenges thrown in by R.K. Gupta and how he reveals himself to his step-family and to his father. Although the film has five lengthy songs, the serious drama and action is not lost. Amitabh yet again reprises his role of angry young man successfully.

  • An engineer visiting a town, has a brief affair with a local girl and walks off, leaving her with a child. The son grows up to avenge his deserted mother. Vijay (Bachchan) is the angry young man playing the son.

  • Raj Kumar Gupta and Shanti are in love, and hope to marry soon. Raj introduces Shanti to his mom, but she does not approve of Shanti, as she is poor, besides she has already made plans for him to marry Kamini, who comes from a wealthy family. Raj gives in to his mom's wishes, and goes to wish good-bye to Shanti, who tells him that she is expecting a child. Years later, Shanti's son has grown up to be Vijay Kumar. Shanti has told her story to Vijay, and expects him to avenge her humiliation, and Vijay agrees to do so. After Shanti passes away, Vijay begins his vendatta and vengeance against the Gupta family.

  • Raj Kumar Gupta alias RK Gupta lives a wealthy lifestyle in Delhi, India with his wife, Kamini Gupta, son Shekhar Gupta and daughter Kusum Gupta, he is the owner of several construction companies in Delhi and this makes him a popular businessman. Quite unknown to Raj that he has had an earlier relationship with a woman which had result in the birth of a son, Vijay Kumar who is out now to seek revenge from Raj, even using his family as bait if possible.


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  • Shanti and Raj were both from a middle-class family. Shanti was an ordinary clerk in an office and Raj an Engineer in a huge construction company. They were deeply in love and one day Raj took Shanti home to meet his mother. His mother accepted Shanti and Raj was very happy. But only after he returned home did he know of his mother's true intention. His mother had received a proposal for Raj's marriage for the hand of his boss's daughter. After the marriage, his boss wanted to make Raj a partner in the company. Raj's values dropped, his love was forgotten totally. Shanti's tears merged in the sounds of Raj's shehnai (music played on weddings) on his wedding. He did not accept Shanti even after he found out that she was going to be the mother of his child. Raj now became R. K. Gupta, the business magnate. He tried to silence Shanti with his money. But she did not relent. Shanti left the town and went for away to give birth to a baby boy, Vijay. Before she could see Vijay achieve something in life, she departed from this world, but took a promise from her son that he would be a good human being, he would not lose his values in life. After his mother's death, Vijay left his home town and headed for the city where his father, the business-magnate, R.K. Gupta lived. Here R.K. Gupta lived in his happy world with his wife, his son Shekhar and daughter Kusum. Vijay reached the city ready for a confrontation with his father, the all powerful R.K. Gupta. Vijay, an ordinary person on the one side and R.K. Gupta on the other. There was a world of difference between the two of them, father and son, two faces of the same blood, love of the same woman. Vijay, entered into his fathers life with revenge in his heart. Revenge for all the misery he had made his mother go through. R. K. Gupta had no clue about all this. He did not know that Vijay was his son.

    Cold war developed between the two. Finally, one day Vijay reveals the truth to R.K. Gupta. Realising that Vijay was own son, his own blood and Shanti's son, his past hits him like lightening. He remembers Shanti, his lost love. He falls in his own eyes. Today he felt like the poorest man in the world. He had neither Shanti nor his son Vijay.

    He could not get back his love, nor his son and he had lost his wealth too. He could not call Vijay his son any longer. "These three faces make up the three faces of Trishul".

    See for yourself the star-studded opus "Trishul".

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