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Season 7

4 Oct. 1985
Benson the Hero
Benson is cutting the ribbon at the mall. Suddenly someone cries out a robbery and when the robber passes Benson he knocks him out with the giant scissors he was holding. Later the man sues for battery. He retains Clayton as his lawyer who tells him it's a piece of cake. Till he learns who the opposing counsel is; Nevada Bob Walker a shark. Clayton suffers a breakdown, and Benson asks the judge what are his options. Either to let the judge give him a continuance which means they will pick it up in 18 months or proceed on his own. He chooses the latter. And it turns ...
11 Oct. 1985
Love and Politics
Benson and Senator Hartford are on opposite sides of a bill that Clayton supports. This makes a romantic connection a bit more difficult for them.
18 Oct. 1985
Uncle Jack
The governor's brother visits the mansion. The governor and Jack have not talked to each other for 25 years.
25 Oct. 1985
The Stranger
On a stormy Halloween night, a mysterious man who calls himself G. Reaper shows up. Later they learn that some children go missing. That's when the entire staff believe that the man is The Grim Reaper. Benson decides to go see him to find out who he is and why he is here. But his answers shock him.
8 Nov. 1985
We Spy
Benson and Kraus are accused of being spies while they are in Germany.
15 Nov. 1985
$1,000,000 an Hour
As the fiscal year ends, Clayton realizes there is a large surplus of funds unused. The auditors tell him that he must use it now, or lose it to the budget in the following year. Benson and Clayton find ways to use the funds.
29 Nov. 1985
Flight of the Dodo: Part 1
Clayton decides to be the helicopter pilot for Benson and the governor to a golf course. Clayton loses control of the helicopter.
6 Dec. 1985
Flight of the Dodo: Part 2
After Clayton crashes the helicopter on the way to a golf course, Clayton, Benson and the governor are stranded in a desert.
13 Dec. 1985
Two Boys and Their Dog
Clayton talks Benson into investing in a dog breeding business. However, their mating dog is impotent.
3 Jan. 1986
Last Man on Earth
Kraus has a dream that she and Benson are the only remaining people on earth, and decide to be with each other.
18 Jan. 1986
Secret Love
Clayton's about to be named Budget Director. But at the hearing a secret he's been keeping is revealed and might make his appointment unlikely. So he freaks out and runs out. Benson tries to encourage to stand up to them.
25 Jan. 1986
Summer of Discontent
The governor wants to pass environmental legislation to help the state. He asks Benson to help him talk to a conservationist.
1 Feb. 1986
Parade Rest
Benson investigates the Veterans Administration misuse of paying benefits to the veterans because the person he hired for remodeling his bathroom is a veteran.
8 Feb. 1986
Reel Murder: Part 1
After a Hollywood director is found dead in the mansion, Benson and the others try to solve the crime.
15 Feb. 1986
Reel Murder: Part 2
After a Hollywood director is found dead in the mansion, Benson and the others try to solve the crime.
22 Feb. 1986
The Hat and the Ring
Benson is nominated to run for governor; he asks Diane to marry him.
1 Mar. 1986
The Bucks Stop Here
Clayton's father is getting married to a young woman, and Clayton sees his inheritance slipping through his fingers.
8 Mar. 1986
Pardon Me
The governor signs a pardon for a man in prison who was wrongly accused of a crime. However, the man has adjusted to jail life and is afraid of being set free.
22 Mar. 1986
Hi, Society
Kraus starts living a life in high society when a gossip columnist befriends her.
29 Mar. 1986
Three on a Mismatch
The governor and Benson join forces for a double date.
12 Apr. 1986
Friends and Enemies
Benson finds himself campaigning against the Governor.
19 Apr. 1986
And the Winner Is...
Benson and Gov. Gatling have become opponents in the election for the Governor's job, which puts a dark cloud over their long standing friendship.

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