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Season 6

21 Sep. 1984
The Scandal
Benson learns that the lieutenant governor is accepting bribes.
28 Sep. 1984
The Inheritance
Benson inherits a men's magazine. Later he is sued by an associate of the owner who believes that she is entitled to the magazine. And wanting to be rid of the mag, Benson decides to get a lawyer who has never won a case--Clayton.
12 Oct. 1984
Let's Get Physical
Benson has his annual physical and has no worries about his health - until the doctor calls and wants to talk to Benson personally. Kraus and the others assume it means Benson is dying.
19 Oct. 1984
The Campaign
Benson throws his hat in the political ring for lieutenant governor. He finds it easy to raise money for his campaign, but then realizes everyone who contributes is wanting something in return.
26 Oct. 1984
The Election
Benson's campaign is running out on money and he is facing a political debate from his opponent.
2 Nov. 1984
Made in Hong Kong: Part 1
While visiting Hong Kong, Clayton is kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity. However, even upon learning the mistake, his captors don't let him go. The rest of the staff alert the police.
9 Nov. 1984
Made in Hong Kong: Part 2
The rescue attempts for Clayton do not go so well when the governor and Kraus end up being kidnapped also. Since the police think Benson is involved, he must evade the police and rescue the others.
16 Nov. 1984
Hello, We Must Be Going
Benson has plans to ask Kraus to be his assistant in the political office, but he is forced by other parties to hire someone else. The new hire does not work out.
23 Nov. 1984
Double Date
Benson and Linda go on a double date with Clayton and Jill. Jill finds she cannot get away from the talkative Clayton.
30 Nov. 1984
Taking It to the Max
Benson's sister who just went through a rough break up stays with him. Max, the man who helped Benson get elected takes her out. And when Benson sees that after one date, they seem to be getting serious, he can't help but be worried and butt in.
7 Dec. 1984
The Reunion
Benson goes home for a family reunion. And his brother wants his help to convince their uncle the head of the family to retire. But their aunt refuses to let them consider it.
14 Dec. 1984
Make War, Not Love
Benson unknowingly has two countries ready to declare war.
21 Dec. 1984
Home for Christmas
It's Christmas time, and everyone is busy. In his rush, Benson falls and hits his head. While he is out, he dreams of holidays past with his mother.
11 Jan. 1985
On the Road
Kraus is tired of Benson's constant complaining, so she hits the road and returns to acting. Benson follows in disguise as a limo driver.
18 Jan. 1985
Take This Job and Love It
Benson finds out a mayor wants to have break-dancing declared illegal. Benson decides to talk to the mayor to prevent it. He finds it is a difficult task.
25 Jan. 1985
Making Change
Told in back-flashes and scene sequences, Benson and the others recall the many people in their lives who have influenced them in some way.
1 Feb. 1985
Solid Gold
There are plenty of guest stars in this episode about a trip to Las Vegas for a convention. Benson and Kraus perform in a stage show, and Clayton gambles away his money.
8 Feb. 1985
The Oval Office
Benson and the Governor are in hot water with President Regan after Benson criticizes the president's proposed budget. As Benson and the Governor await their discipline, they become trapped in the Oval Office.
15 Feb. 1985
Mid-life Cowboy
The Governor decides to take a break and go to a Dude Ranch. He enjoys being a cowboy that he decides to stay and resigns as Governor. So Benson tries to talk him out of it.
22 Feb. 1985
The staff is conducting an exercise on what would happen if there's a nuclear attack. But the computer plays out a scenario that is almost hopeless for anyone to survive. And that's when they realize that surviving a nuclear attack is not the answer but preventing it.
15 Mar. 1985
Dubois: Portrait of a Politician
While Gatling is away, Benson, as acting governor, vetoes a bill the governor would have signed.
22 Mar. 1985
Katie's Cousin
Missy Gold's real sister Tracy Gold plays a cousin who visits the mansion. Tracy's character talks Katie into lying to her father about where she is going out for the evening. Katie gets caught in a bar with her cousin.
29 Mar. 1985
The Bookburner
When the Governor chooses not to support a Senator's bid to have certain books removed from schools, the Senator lashes back at them.
5 Apr. 1985
Jung at Heart
Passed over as Man of the Year in favor of Benson, Clayton, bested by Benson one too many times, suffers from the delusion that he is Benson.

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