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9 Jan. 1981
In High Places
On the way to a Solar Energy Conference in Albuquerque, the pilot of the plane flying Benson, Marcie, Clayton and the Governor becomes ill and it is up to the Governor and Benson to fly the plane.
16 Jan. 1981
Old School Ties
The Governor's sister convinces him to send Katie to boarding school, a decision that Katie and the staff do not agree with.
23 Jan. 1981
The Apartment
Benson moves into an apartment which is intended to give him a place to live on weekends so that he can get away from the mansion. As he is trying to renew and old friendship with a pretty girl, he finds that getting away from the Staff isn't as easy as he would like.
6 Feb. 1981
Big Buddy
Benson becomes the 'Big Buddy' to a nine year old boy who is hard to handle. When the boy and Katie get caught shoplifting, Benson tries to figure out why the boy is the way he is.
13 Feb. 1981
Fireside Chat
Marcy's boyfriend Dan, is the producer of the Governor's fireside chat. Just when she believes he is going to propose, he breaks up with her and wants them to reevaluate their relationship.
20 Feb. 1981
Marcy's Wedding
It's Marcy's wedding. And when her father is unable to attend, Marcy wants Benson to walk her down the aisle. But her mother prefers someone from the family.
27 Feb. 1981
Kraus is in a state: her childhood rival, whose boasting she has endured for years, is on her way to America, expecting to find the cook married to the governor.
6 Mar. 1981
No Sad Songs
Benson's mother makes an unexpected but welcome visit.
13 Mar. 1981
Clayton, Go Home
A representative from an airline which opposes a noise abatement bill attempts to bribe Clayton. When Clayton intends to testify against the airline, he begins to receive threats and break-ins.
20 Mar. 1981
Easy Kid Stuff
A neighborhood boy wanders onto the governor's property, and breaks his arm when he falls out of a tree. As the boy is missing a strong role-model in his life, Benson considers becoming a father figure to the boy.
3 Apr. 1981
Katie's school assignment is to write a paper about her family. In addition to her father, she includes Benson, Kraus, and the others whom she considers part of her family.
10 Apr. 1981
Handwriting on the Wall
Someone is sending the Governor death threats.
8 May 1981
The Governor's House Call
On his way to a Navy reunion, the Governor, along with Benson and Clayton, stop off at a bordello to visit a sick friend. When a fire breaks out across the street, they are afraid to be seen by the crowd when they exit the bordello.
15 May 1981
All Shook Up
While Benson and Clayton search for something in the storage room, an earthquake hits the area. Benson and Clayton are trapped.
22 May 1981
Gretchen chokes on a piece of food and Benson performs the Heimlich maneuver to save her.
6 Nov. 1981
Benson's Appointment
The governor sticks his neck out to appoint Benson the state budget director, a job requiring the state senate's confirmation.
13 Nov. 1981
The Grass Ain't Greener
The governor is shown a report on the problems with the prison. The conditions are bad, and he needs to decide to increase the budget. The governor sends Benson in as an undercover agent to find out what is really going on.
27 Nov. 1981
A conductor goes to city hall to request funding for the music program, taking the orchestra with him so they can play music until they get their funds. Benson is trying to conduct interviews for a new secretary.
4 Dec. 1981
Double Exposure
A business man who runs a company wants political favors from the governor. An FBI agent visits Benson and asks him to help trap the business man in bribery to ensure his request.
11 Dec. 1981
The Lobbyist
Benson's lobbyist girlfriend has a proposal for available land in the area; a company she represents wants to build on the land. As budget director, he agrees to the plan, but then it backfires on him.
18 Dec. 1981
Nothing seems to go right for Benson and everyone is upset with him.
25 Dec. 1981
Rainbow's End
Benson encounters a former girlfriend. He takes it hard to learn that she is now disabled.

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