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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown naked in later in the film with a man. On another occasion a man says he wants to be a woman so that he can have babies. Another characters says to him that he can't have babies because he hasn't got a womb.
  • Brian's mother meets a Roman and then walks over to him and gets down on her knees, about to perform fellatio. The scene ends right after she gets down on her knees.
  • When a rather dim-witted jailer is asked how many prisoners are coming through, the jailer laughs at the word "coming" as in ejaculation.
  • An old naked man climbs out of a hole. We see his buttocks and scrotum. His penis is covered by his long beard.
  • There is one scene where a man and woman wake up nude. Then the women is seen nude as she gets out of bed, pubic hair, buttocks, and breasts are shown. The man walks over to the window and his buttocks are shown. Then the man opens the window and we get a full frontal shot with his penis on full display.
  • Some discreet mild sexual references

Violence & Gore

  • Contains some mild comedic violence which has some blood and gore, body parts, and may upset or disturb younger viewers. Other scenes include a stoning sequence, a mass crucifixion, a lynch mob and a group suicide.


  • 6 uses of "fuck", 2 uses of "shit", one use and one implied use of "wanker", 2 uses of "bitch", many uses of "bastard", "piss" and other mild terms.
  • A Jew uses the term "kike" towards himself.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • People are crucified at the end of the film. May offend some.
  • Those who are very religious should stay clear of this film.
  • Any impact from violent or suspenseful scenes is mitigated by the humorous tone of the film.
  • Rated R for crude sexual humor, graphic nudity, language and some violent content.

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