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Sex & Nudity

  • FULL female nudity front and back while bathing in the river. FULL frontal nudity while walking to the rest area beside the river to put her coat on.
  • Quite a bit of nudity.We see a bare naked woman a couple of times and multiple characters are prostitutes, sometimes seen in bed with men. Some sensuality too: characters make out in a few scenes.
  • Full frontal female nudity.
  • Breast and buttocks are clearly seen throughout the movie.
  • A woman is raped:this is a really disturbing scene.

Violence & Gore

  • This movie is not extremely violent compared to western movies such as The Wild Bunch for instance but still there is quite a lot of violence in it and it is shown in a very brutal, realistic way and often starts abruptly. Some scenes might be hard to watch for some viewers.
  • This movie involves real animal violence. Cimino allegedly had chickens killed and horses bled from the neck to gather samples of their blood to smear on the actors, and also allegedly had a horse blown up with dynamite while shooting a battle sequence, the shot of which made it into the film.
  • A man is beaten in the street by two men: one of the main characters beats the two men to make them stop. The face of the man they beat up is very bloody.
  • A man is shot in the stomach with a shotgun. A large bloody wound is left gaping in place of his stomach.
  • A man is shot in the ear with a rifle, with bloody results and his face is later seen covered with blood. Hard to watch.
  • A man is shot at least four times with bloody results, he is seen spitting blood before he dies. Quite graphic.
  • A man is shot a certain number of times by a squad of men with rifles. Several bullet wounds appear in his chest and head. Prior to this, another man was shot many times with some blood shown.
  • A man's throat is cut open. No blood but the wound is visible though.
  • A woman is raped. Two of the rapists are killed later in the same scene. No blood.
  • Three women at least are seen lying dead, with some bloody injuries on their bodies. Quite disturbing.
  • A man is shot in the head in retaliation for the previously mentioned rape. The entry wound is clearly seen on his forehead.
  • People are seen fist fighting with each other.
  • Many people are shot to death during a battle scene. Some blood is visible at times but not all deaths are graphic though.
  • A woman puts a gun in her mouth and blows the back of her head off causing blood and brain matter to spray. Quite graphic.
  • A high body count towards the last hour, some deaths aren't that graphic and happen real fast, others are bloody and some a bit gruesome(this includes a man whose legs are crushed by the wheels of a carriage and killed by a woman who thus ends his sufferings).
  • A man and a woman are shot at the very end of the film,with bloody impacts seen on both their bodies. Two of the murderers are shot right after this happens by the main character. Some blood shown but this happens so fast that one can miss it.


  • Roughly 8 "f" words and some uses of the expression "son of a bitch" as well.The words "shit","goddamn"and "bastard" are all used at least once.Not a lot of swearing especially considering the length of the movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drugs: None
  • Characters smoke and drink quite a lot in this movie.
  • Some characters are shown drunk in more than one scene. This is the case of at least 2 major characters.
  • One of these 2 major characters is an alcoholic and drinks or is drunk in every scene he is in.Some casual smoking as well.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The way the immigrants are referred to and joked about can be a bit shocking for some people.Also,this movie is clearly an indictement of some of the US officials' behavior towards immigrants at that time.It is an intense issue.
  • Some of the most violent scenes can be intense for some viewers.
  • The rape is disturbing and so are a couple of shootings and inflicted injuries.
  • The last hour of the movie has a really dark atmosphere and a high body count provided that almost every major character sees something bad happening to him/her.

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