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  • Only Fools and Horses is a long-running British crime sitcom that aired on BBC1 in the UK from 1981 - 2003 and stars David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Lenard Pearce and Buster Merryfield. Only Fools and Horses chronicles the misadventures of Cockney scoundrel and black market dealer Derek "Del Boy" Trotter who runs the private "Trotters Independent Traders" company whose ambition is to be a millionaire and items on street corners to make ends meet. The series also follows Delboy's hapless and slow minded younger brother and lackey Rodney Trotter whom Delboy raised after their mother Joan died and their abusive and selfish father Reg abandoned them which Delboy frequently bullies and insults Rodney and their senile grandfather. Later in the sitcom, Granddad Trotter passes away and is replaced by his estranged brother, retired Naval seaman Albert. Other characters in the sitcom are gormless fellow black market dealer Colin "Trigger" Ball. Loudmouthed cars salesman Herman Aubrey "Boycie" Boyce. Scouse lorry driver Denzil Tulser. Pub landlord Mike Fisher and Boycie's wife Marlene. Later in the series Delboy meets and begins a on and off relationship with former stripper Raquel Turner which they have a son together called Damien and Rodney meets and marries unattractive banker Cassandra Parry which they separate but later get back together and have a baby daughter named Joan, Jr. Edit

  • In a manner of speaking. Only Fools and Horses is partially based on the experiences of John Sullivan. Edit

  • Boyce is his surname, and his middle name is revealed in Sickness & Wealth (1989) to be Aubrey. A tie-in book gives Terrence Aubrey Boyce, but For Richer for Poorer (2009) has Herman Aubrey Boyce. Edit



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  • Only Fools and Horses follows the misadventures of roguish, devious and womanizing black market salesman Derek "Delboy" Trotter whom sales items that are stolen or not stolen to make money as Delboy's ambition is to become a millionaire. Delboy lives in a flat in South London with his tall, slow-minded and hapless younger brother Rodney whom Delboy was left to raise after their selfish father Reg abandoned them and their mother Joan died and Rodney frequently gets bullied and insulted by Delboy and acts as his lackey and their useless grandfather whom would get harshly treated and abused by Delboy and Rodney. After Grandad passed away, his estranged retired merchant seaman brother Albert moves into the flat and lives with Delboy and Rodney up until his death. Edit

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