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New Details Surface For All Of Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Playable Characters

Star Wars Battlefront II‘s ongoing closed alpha has already brought word on several of the sequel’s sizeable character roster – General Grievous, Iden Verso, Darth Maul, and Captain Phasma were all name-dropped in a recent leak – but we now have a little more information regarding the entire collection of playable heroes.

With a vast array of characters from all eras of the franchise, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find at least one or two favorites among the gigantic roster. There are certainly a lot of exciting figures from the Star Wars universe to take control of here and thanks to Reddit, we can now tell you a little more about each one of them.

There’s quite a bit to digest, but if you’re ready to dive right in, then take a look at what this new leak has to say about characters like Boba Fett,
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Mary Tyler Moore: America's Sweetheart Goes All the Way

Mary Tyler Moore: America's Sweetheart Goes All the Way
This story originally appeared as the cover story in Issue 330, November 13th, 1980.

It's eight o'clock and everyone's here... well, almost everyone. There's Carl Reiner, and there's Gavin MacLeod, and there's Betty White and Allen Ludden. They're all here, in this awkward white screening room up four flights of stairs and down a winding hallway deep in the bowels of Paramount Studios. It's a hybrid crowd – TV people and movie people, performers and people from behind the scenes, chorus girls and choreographers, even a few who are just regular people with
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Donors rally to support Csg documentary

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, Richard Todd.s feature documentary which investigates the impact of the coal seam gas industry on residents' health and food and water resources will get a long and wide exposure around Australia.

Frackman was one of the recipients of the first Good Pitch Australia event in Sydney on Wednesday, which raised more than $2 million in donations for seven docs.

To be released in cinemas by eOne, the film follows Queensland landowner and pig shooter Dayne .The Frackman. Pratzky, who joins a broad coalition of conservative landowners, radical activists and city folk who oppose coal seam gas mining.

.While some of the money raised at Good Pitch goes to production, the majority will be spent on outreach . building audience interest and excitement ahead of the roll out early next year as it starts an innovative campaign across rural Australia in cinemas and community halls and
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The 88 Creepiest Song Titles Of All Time

There have been plenty of creepy songs over the last thousand or so years. (Mozart‘s Requiem anybody? Well everybody, eventually.) We’ve decided to compile The 88 Creepiest Song Titles Of All Time. To be fair, we left out pretty much every death metal title because, frankly, they’re all pretty creepy. Click on the names of each artist to hear the selection. And feel free to weigh in on any song titles we may have left out in the comments. 88. “My Ding-a-Ling” Chuck Berry A no-brainer. It’s a song about a little boy discovering his penis, and it’s sung by a man well into his 40s. Perverted Justice’s favorite tune. 87. “Two Lovely Black Eyes” Charles Coborn What’s lovelier than a woman who was beaten in the face twice? According to Charles Coborn, nothing! 86. “With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm” Stanley Holloway A song about Anne Boleyn,
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The Siberian Energy Rush

Photograph by Frederick Tear

Map by Steve Stankiewicz

Global warming is opening up the Arctic Circle, and Russia would like to control its bounty of natural resources. An exclusive dispatch from the Yamal Peninsula, where reindeer give way to railroads and gas rigs every day.

Arctic Visions: Clockwise From top left, oil workers at Bovanenkovo, Gazprom's gas field on the Yamal Peninsula, which will start operations in 2012; the town of Nadym is the gateway to Yamal; Gazprom has carved thousands of miles of roads from the Yamal tundra to ease deliveries of necessary supplies. | Photographs by Jeremy Nicholl

Old but sturdy, our Russian helicopter flies low over the endless flatness of the Siberian taiga, the MiG's incessant whine barely softened by Styrofoam plugs wedged into my ears. We pass thick stands of pine trees, where brown bears lurk, and rust-colored rivers whose banks are dappled with ice. Hundreds of
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'Left 4 Dead 2' Achievements Name New Items And Campaigns

The plot for "Left 4 Dead 2" may still be shrouded in mystery, but the game's list of Achievements names both items and stages in the order they appear. Merely surviving will go a long way toward point accumulation, but the accomplishments contain a few fancy tricks as well. Defibrillators appear to be involved, likely as a means to heal party members. Also mentioned are "bile bombs," which will score you an Achievement when used against a tank. Check out the whole rundown and a very special clown-based Achievement after the jump.

All of the following can be found at

Price Chopper 20

Survive the Dead Center campaign.

Midnight Rider 20

Survive the Dark Carnival campaign.

Ragin' Cajun 20

Survive the Swamp Fever campaign.

Weatherman 20

Survive the Hard Rain campaign.

Bridge Burner 20

Survive the Parish campaign.

Still Something To Prove 35

Survive all campaigns on Expert.

The Real Deal 35

Survive a campaign on
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HBO Set for Catskills Gas Rush Drama

HBO has signed on Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Russo to develop a drama about the Catskills Gas Rush.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Russo is writing the script and is executive producing with Mark Johnson and Will Gluck.

The untitled drama is based on a 2008 article in New York Magazine by David France, who will serve as a consulting producer on the project.

The Catskills are believed to hold the largest reservoir of natural gas ever discovered in America. Geologists have known about it for more than a century but it had been largely ignored because the location made it prohibitively expensive to exploit.

But the recent discovery of a drilling technique suited for Catskills' terrain and the fact that gas prices have tripled over the past decade suddenly made the region red hot.

However, to make it feasible for exploitation, gas companies have to secure vast swaths of land near
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