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Steve Forrest: Greg Savitt



  • Joan Crawford : [after an ugly fight]  I didn't mean that, Greg. I didn't mean it.

    Greg Savitt : Get up. There's no camera in here.

    Joan Crawford : Greg, where ya goin'?

    Greg Savitt : Where I belong. Out of here.

    Joan Crawford : You belong here. I'm waitin' for ya.

    Greg Savitt : Good night, Joan.

    Joan Crawford : Please don't leave, because if you do, you'll never come back in again, no matter what you say, or ask, or do.

    Greg Savitt : I'll always wish you well, Joan. And I'll only speak well of you.

    Joan Crawford : Please don't go! Don't leave me here alone. Please.

    Greg Savitt : If you're acting, you're wasting your time. If you're not, you're wasting mine.

    Joan Crawford : I'm not actin'! I'm not actin'.

    Greg Savitt : Good night. Good luck. Goodbye.

  • Joan Crawford : [Christina is practicing her diving while Joan urges her on]  Well that's good, but you've got to push off more with your weight. Come on, let's see another one.

    Greg Savitt : She's had enough, Joan.

    Christina Crawford : But I'm tired, Mommie.

    Joan Crawford : QUITTER?

  • Joan Crawford : You know what's missing in my life?

    Greg Savitt : A hit movie.

  • Joan Crawford : Hauling me over to Mayer's table like some picked-up floozie! Or one of those starlets. Out to give the big shots a nice night in town. Is that what you think of me?

    Greg Savitt : How many drinks is that? When you were a kid that made you look sexy. Now it just makes you look drunk.

    Joan Crawford : [hurling her drink into Greg's face]  I may as well have "property of MGM" tattooed on my back side! Dammit, Perrino's is MY PLACE.

    Greg Savitt : Nobody wanted my signature, so I just walked in!

    Joan Crawford : You expect me to ignore my fans, they're life and death to me, baby! They're the ones who really MADE ME!

    Greg Savitt : I expect you to walk in with me and sit down at your table with me! Then Mayer would have to bring his bankers over, get your autograph and leave! That's what you should have done!

    Joan Crawford : Well maybe that's what I would have done, if you'd been nice enough to stay out there with me, help me through the crowd and into the restaurant like a GENTLEMAN!

    Greg Savitt : Why are you screaming?

    Joan Crawford : BECAUSE I'M DAMN MAD! Dammit, Greg. How can you put Mayer over me? You know that son of a bitch is trying to destroy my career!

    Greg Savitt : If your career's in trouble, it has nothing to do with him.

    Joan Crawford : Then what is it?

    Greg Savitt : You were always the shop girl who fought her way to the top, made a great success. Well, you're not a little shop girl anymore. Now, that's the truth, to face and deal with, if you want to survive. The truth is, you're getting old.

    Joan Crawford : Yeah? You're nothing but a rotten, crooked lawyer... supplying the grease that makes this shitty movie business work. You think your life's a mystery? There isn't a dirty cover up in this entire business that I don't know about, and YOUR hand is in EVERY ONE of them... you REEK OF IT!

    Greg Savitt : [grabs Joan and shakes her]  DAMN YOU! Are you CRAZY? No person talks to me like that, NO ONE ANYWHERE! Are you crazy? ARE YOU? Tell me! TELL ME!

    Joan Crawford : I'm crazy!

  • Joan Crawford : Greg. You're early.

    Greg Savitt : Only an hour and a half.

    Joan Crawford : Oh, take your shoes off. I just washed that floor.

    Greg Savitt : What about the socks?

    Joan Crawford : [dramatic pause]  I can handle the socks.

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