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Sex & Nudity

  • A man is seen naked except for a sheet covering his crotch
  • A man briefly attends a swingers party. Some party members are naked (male and female). One of the attendees is dressed as a dominatrix and is dominating a naked man laying face down.
  • A woman wears a see through dress that makes her bra and panties visible.
  • A dominatrix explains her profession to the Blands. She mentions "golden showers are my limit." (she does not explain further) She gives examples of how she dominates men. She recommends Paul gets involved so he can "get the gay and bi trade."
  • A woman pretends she is being bitten sexually by one of her clients to get her husbands attention
  • The Blands decorate their apartment with a number of sex themed artwork as their business takes off.
  • A womans dress is torn open when she is assaulted by a man. Her bare breasts are seen
  • A man lays money on a womans naked body. He starts kissing her and he has oral sex with her (off-screen, but we see her reaction briefly).
  • A man and a woman have sex; afterwards, her bare backside is seen as she gets dressed
  • A man shops in a sex shop for vibrators. Moaning is heard in the background from a movie being played. A number of vibrators are seen in a variety of shapes and sizes. The sales clerk loudly explains flavors of lubricant, and a variety of accessories that can go with the vibrators.
  • A woman gives a man saltpeter with the purpose of inhibiting his sexual activity.
  • A man and a woman attend a swingers party. They are approached by a woman who suggests that they get together to have fun. She says that they are both bi and that they are "into B&D but not S&M." Later in the party, a number of the guests (male and female) are seen naked.
  • A topless woman is seen coming out of a shower.
  • At the same party, everyone is invited into the hot tub. A number of party guests run completely nude to the hot tub

Violence & Gore

  • **The film is very low budget, so many of the deaths occur off screen, and/or are not graphically violent.**
  • A salesperson shoots an attempted robber dead. No blood is seen.
  • A man attempts to rape a woman; the man is killed by repeated blows to the head with a frying pan by the womans husband. They dispose of the body in the trash compactor of their apartment building.
  • A man forcibly gropes a woman
  • A man attempts to rape a woman and rips off her bra. Her husband kills the man with a frying pan over the head.
  • A couple puts an ad in the paper to attract sexual fetishists to their apartment with the intent of killing them.
  • A number of people are killed by being hit over the head with a frying pan. No blood is seen
  • It is revealed that a number of bodies are disposed of by bringing them to a dog food factory to be used as meat.
  • A man is strangled to death with his own beaded necklace.
  • A man tries to run over another man with his car.
  • A man is killed when he is stabbed with the sharp end of a comb.
  • A group of people are electrocuted when a man throws a bug lamp into a hot tub. It is not graphic, and meant to be humorous.
  • A man is killed, and then later served as dinner (the final meal is seen, but not the preparation).


  • Pu**y is used 3 times
  • F**king is used once (non-sexual)
  • S**t is used once
  • Bastard is used once
  • "rotten little beaner" (in reference to a Latino character)
  • A**hole is used twice
  • Raoul swears in Spanish a number of times ("pendejo" "maricon")

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One man vomits on the Blands' carpet due to excessive drinking.
  • A few characters have some alcohol
  • Paul is a wine collector
  • Raoul smokes cigarettes
  • Mary and Raoul smoke marijuana together a couple of times
  • Mary sees a hand mirror in a bathroom with lines of cocaine on it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some viewers may be disturbed by the nonchalant attitude the characters take towards killing people.
  • A woman is assaulted a number of times by different men.
  • A man breaks into the Blands home and attempts to steal from them.
  • Some may find it disturbing that bodies are disposed of by selling them to a dog food factory
  • A couple feeds a man that they killed to a guest in their home, and eats him along with the guest. The end meal is seen, but the preparation occurs off-screen.

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