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Sex & Nudity

  • Several topless women making out with men in the lobby of a can-can hall.
  • A woman disrobes and bathes in a tub. Her bare breasts are seen a little but not much.
  • Two topless women carry a screen onto the stage.
  • A film is shown in black and white (to imply that it is old). A nude model is pictured in the film on the screen. Then the man that is painting/drawing her has sex with her. Then another nude girl appears on the screen in a different scene.
  • Some men peer through some holes in the wall at a naked woman holding and playing with a rabbit. The woman does other things as well, such as apply makeup.
  • A man peers through a hole and watches a copule have sex. Breasts, pubic hair, and butt seen. Another woman is seen through the hole topless.
  • Two nude women project shadows on a screen. Shadows that look like a man and woman having sex, complete with panting noises.
  • Again, peering in holes, a woman is seen nude. Breasts, pubic hair, and butt. Boobs bounce as she runs. An older man begins to make out with her.
  • A fully nude burlesque dancer reveals breasts and pubic hair on stage. Other topless girls in the club (lobby, etc)
  • Another nude girl appears on the same stage. When a picture is taken, she magically turns into a black girl (also nude. pubic hair and breasts seen)
  • Another black and white film reveals a topless girl.
  • Another topless scene, girl getting frisky with man.
  • A woman without panties reveals her pubic hair with some closeup shots of the same.
  • Men, horses, and dogs chase a few fully nude women. Bouncing breasts, pubic hair, and butt seen. When the men catch them, they have sex with them. Thrusting seen, touching of the pubic area, nipple sucking, oral (woman -> man)
  • A woman in a sheer top reveals her breasts to the public.
  • A topless woman is escorted out of a bedding chamber.
  • A few topless women shown in a bedding chamber.
  • A female couple makes out on a bed, fully nude. Breasts, butt, pubic hair seen.
  • A woman gives a man oral (hiding behind a horse)
  • A woman awakens with her nightgown open in the center, revealing her breasts.
  • A wagon stops so the occupying couple have sex.

Violence & Gore


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drinking adn smoking. A man is drugged.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A kinfe first to the death with some blood. Wounded in a duel.

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