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21 Sep. 1983
The Hotel staff find their hands full with a call girl who gets raped by a gang of rich boys, a lonely and demanding King , a wanna-be singer looking for a break, 2 divorcées finding each other and love once again, and a unexpected death.
28 Sep. 1983
Victoria Cabot takes over the hotel from her sister-in-law Laura Trent and she is visited by a former love. Christine is stalked by a dangerous secret admirer. A very pregnant woman shows up in the lobby. All during a huge blackout.
5 Oct. 1983
The hotel hosts a Beauty Pageant where an obsessed mother pushes her daughter to win at any cost. An old prison cell-mate of Billy shows up at the hotel and Billy fears he is up to no good.
19 Oct. 1983
An Israeli minister is believed to be the target of an assassin. Dave lets everybody know that a well-known hotel critic is staying at the hotel. A woman insists on staying in the room where her husband died 10 years ago.
26 Oct. 1983
A hotel childcare worker is accused of abusing a guest child, but did he do it? Peter's old mate is questioning his faith.
2 Nov. 1983
Relative Loss
Mark's past drops in to say hello. Victoria's niece tries a shortcut up the corporate ladder, at Christine's expense.
9 Nov. 1983
A bride-to-be sets her sister up on a blind date but, when he doesn't front, Christine intervenes. An elderly man is determined to spend up big on a credit card he was sent. Peter's ex wife pays him a visit.
16 Nov. 1983
Some of the hotel's guests who are part of a convention, are treating some of the guests in a strange manner. It's later revealed that they are bigots. Mrs. Cabot decides to treat them as guests. And a woman with a mentally challenged daughter is concerned when her daughter is drawn to a mime.
23 Nov. 1983
Faith, Hope & Charity
Billy is determined to catch a shoplifter in the arcade. Studying for an exam, Dave is not getting enough sleep and it is starting to affect his work. A woman shocks her best friend by announcing that she is a lesbian.
30 Nov. 1983
A friend of Victoria's is celebrating her birthday at the hotel but she feels neglected by her children. A street kid makes himself at home at the St. Gregory. A St. Gregory employee is romantically pursued by a man she met in Mexico.
7 Dec. 1983
The Offer
Why is a hotel mogul staying at the St. Gregory? A reporter and a photographer are determined to get an exclusive about a popular rock star. A couple want to celebrate their silver anniversary the same way as when they were married.
21 Dec. 1983
It's Christmas time and Santa is spreading good cheer amongst the staff and clientele. A young girl wants a baby brother and an elderly woman is feeling lonely. A crime gang is planning to take what they can.
28 Dec. 1983
Nolan Miller is having a fashion show at the St. Gregory. One of the older models renews an old acquaintance. Victoria asks Peter to accompany her to an opera fundraiser where he meets a beautiful women. Megan thinks she is pregnant.
4 Jan. 1984
A girl, celebrating her birthday, wants to get her parents back together. A man is determined to give his wife a belated honeymoon, but how to pay for it? A woman with two personalities has designs on Peter but each has a different motive.
11 Jan. 1984
A man meets his new step-father but he is more concerned about his mother mental state. A prince staying at the St. Gregory meets a lowly young woman in a flower stall and invites her to a fund-raising ball.
18 Jan. 1984
The St. Gregory hosts a bar mitzvah and one of the participants recognises a person at the hotel as a former Treblinka guard. A man sent to collect a spoilt young woman by her father falls for her. Christine fakes an engagement with Mark.
1 Feb. 1984
Mistaken Identities
A father is determined to make a man out of his very reluctant son. A man who is a klutz around women arranges to meet up with a woman with whom he has been corresponding.
22 Feb. 1984
The Wedding
The St. Gregory is hosting a wedding between two people from wealthy families. However, the groom's father is having money troubles and the bride's father is having an affair. And that's just the start.
29 Feb. 1984
Christine is enamoured with a man who can only remember his past through brief flashbacks. An infertile couple are in San Francisco for artificial insemination when the husband wants to change their plans.
7 Mar. 1984
A singer is making a comeback at the St. Gregory but his ex wife is concerned about his confidence. The woman who taught Peter to fly unexpectedly calls in and gives him the news that he has a son. Julie has a secret admirer.
14 Mar. 1984
A pair of jewel thieves are staying at the St. Gregory at the same time as a flamboyant star with lots of jewelry. A woman's husband has anger management issues. Mark is concerned that he is about to be sacked.
2 May 1984
A woman accuses Victoria of the murder of her husband who was killed in an accident whilst he was working at the hotel. To help her impress her father, Mark helps out a dancer who wants to redecorate some of the St. Gregory's rooms.
9 May 1984
A young mother comes to the hotel to bring her baby to the couple who want to adopt her baby. But some of the staff upon learning that the baby's father doesn't know about the baby tries to find him before it's too late. And a woman executive is approached by a man from her past who is threatening to reveal a secret unless he helps her with something.

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