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7 Jan. 1987
As a favour to a psychologist, Peter employs a man on probation but the man has a dark side. Dave is having trouble passing his exams so he resorts to drugs to keep himself awake.
14 Jan. 1987
Julie's aunt, Amanda, is a singer and is at the hotel for a performance. Things go well until an old friend of hers arrives. Dave is increasing his drug intake as he tries to work and study for his bar exam.
21 Jan. 1987
Fast Forward
Megan and Dave have split over his drug use but Dave continues to go downhill. A woman, who has been in a coma for the last ten years after an accident, is given a job at the St. Gregory's antique shop.
28 Jan. 1987
Controlling Interests
An well-known, high-flying advertising executive is staying at the St. Gregory but she starts to examine her personal life whilst she's staying there. Megan is expecting a baby and Dave failed the bar exam.
4 Feb. 1987
Unfinished Business
Peter's ex wife shows up, looking for a job. Peter gets her an interview but she is told the results of her physical, that she has a terminal disease and doesn't know how to handle it. And one of the hotel's employees, has managed to keep his illiteracy a secret but when he's offered a promotion and his estranged son comes and asks for his help; causes problems for him in every front.
11 Feb. 1987
Fatal Attraction
Peter tries to help his wife as she's dying. Dave learns that his old fraternity is holding their initiation at the hotel. And he reminds them that hazing is prohibited. But during the initiation one of them decides to haze someone and he ends up in the hospital. Dave learns of it and tries to convince the guy to say what happened. Dave goes to the head of fraternity but he's the father of the one who did the hazing.
4 Mar. 1987
Class of '72
Christine has the fifteenth reunion of her high school class from the Tarrent Comanches. A few of the old conflicts arise between the attendees.
11 Mar. 1987
A doctor staying at the hotel is conducting interviews on women's sexual fantasies. However, his assistant starts dating one of the interviewees. Peter's niece runs away from home and invites herself to live in his penthouse.
18 Mar. 1987
Glass People
A movie is being made in the St. Gregory but the lead actress suffers from a tumour. A retired actor watches the movie being made and reminisces. Christine has been made Woman of the Year and is considering running for political office.
20 May 1987
Second Thoughts
A mother and daughter staying at the hotel are on a fully-escorted tour. The widow of Peter's best friend is spending a few days at the St. Gregory and has an unusual request of Peter.
27 May 1987
Past Tense
A couple of ageing conmen have a competition over a woman staying at the St. Gregory. Christine's first real love comes back from the dead after being a prisoner-of-war and starts pursuing Christine once again.
27 May 1987
All the King's Horses
A PI claims to have found a wealthy businessman's granddaughter who disappeared during a kidnapping. A childhood friend of Peter's turns up and causes him to reexamine his relationship with Christine.
3 Oct. 1987
Hail and Farewell
A friend of Peter's tries to channel his dead wife, which leads to some bizarre and unexpected events. Peter and another man both try to date Christine.
10 Oct. 1987
Mixed Emotions
Dave gets a job with a law firm in San Diego and Megan finds out she is pregnant. The wife of a wealthy businessman is being neglected so she begins a plan to get his attention. She also becomes the target of a jewel thief.
24 Oct. 1987
Assistant general manager Christine befriends a retired airline pilot, so Peter, the general manager of the hotel, becomes jealous and starts spending time with Leslie, a socialite who's secretly using his hotel to run a prostitution ring.
31 Oct. 1987
And Baby Makes Two
A distraught mother abandons her baby at the St. Gregory and Christine decides to foster him. A businessman finds out that the woman he is having an affair with has tested positive to AIDS antibodies.
7 Nov. 1987
Born to Run
Peter is thinking of buying a horse and the young daughter of the owners starts pursuing him. A couple have marriage problems when they find that they can no longer be intimate.
14 Nov. 1987
Desperate Moves
A married woman decides to end her affair with a younger man, but he plots revenge. Cheryl's mom drops in unexpectedly from New York. Peter narrowly missed being on a plane that crashed.
21 Nov. 1987
Peter's gran arrives in San Fransisco with a friend and she has some surprising news. A teacher impulsively marries a pianist who turns out to be a wealthy heir. His father wants to split them up.
28 Nov. 1987
Dark Horses
A US senator, planning to run for the presidency, wants to resume his friendship with Christine. A freelance photographer is trying to get the drop on the press pack. Billy is busy with a series of thefts in the hotel.
5 Dec. 1987
Fallen Angel
A preacher and her husband are taking a break at the St. Gregory but there is pressure on her to preach on television. A man returns to the hotel and reminisces about a woman he met at the hotel 35 years ago.
12 Dec. 1987
Prized Possessions
One of the hotel's guests reports that she's been robbed. She wants one very important piece be returned or else she will make sure that the hotel will suffer. Later an investigator reveals that one of the guests is a suspected thief and it seems that he made a move on Christine which the investigator wishes to exploit. And another guest, an old man who is with his grandson, is wanted for kidnapping the boy from his mother.
19 Dec. 1987
Comfort and Joy
Returning from a convention in Portland, Peter and Christine's car breaks down. They're forced to spend the night together in a motel room. Dave and Megan pay a visit.

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