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6 Feb. 1983
The Winds Rise
In April 1939 Commander Victor 'Pug' Henry and his wife Rhoda set sail for Europe where he is to take up his post as a Naval Attache at the U.S Embassy in Berlin. Aboard ship, they meet General Von Roon and Pamela Tudsbury, who is traveling with her journalist father. Their youngest son Byron is traveling around Europe while oldest son Warren is also in the Navy learning to become an aviator; daughter Madeleine is left on her own in New York and as soon as her parents leave, starts looking for a job. In Italy, Byron meets the lovely Nathalie Jastrow who is living with...
7 Feb. 1983
The Storm Breaks
With the German invasion of Poland underway, Pug Henry is called to Washington for a meeting with President Roosevelt. The President is impressed that Pug foresaw the German-Soviet pact and asks him to write from time to time on items that might be of interest. Pug is a bit concerned when he learns from Warren, who is at flight school, that Madeline is now living and working in New York. Rhoda Henry continues to see Palmer Kirby. Byron Henry and Natalie Jastrow make their way to Warsaw and seek the protection of Natalie's friend, Leslie Slote, who works at the US ...
8 Feb. 1983
Pug Henry accompanies American banker Luigi Gianelli on a diplomatic mission to Italy to see if Il Duce will meet with a peace envoy. The Italian dictator agrees but when the same approach is made to Hitler, he declines. Pug's wife Rhoda is bored out of her mind living in Berlin and is thrilled when they are invited for a hunting weekend to the home of an ultra-rich banker, Wolf Stoller. Pug is aware however that Stoller has made his fortune by forcing Jews to sells their businesses for only a fraction of their value. The German invasion of Western Europe in the ...
9 Feb. 1983
At President Roosevelt's request, Pug Henry goes to London to meet with the British and provide him with his own personal view on how they are doing. Pug is amazed to find how efficient their radar is at pinpointing enemy aircraft. He also sees Pamela Tudsbury and meets her fiancé, an RAF pilot. When he is shot down over the English Channel, Pug and Pamela start to spend a good deal of time together. Although he remains loyal to his wife, it is apparent that they have developed feelings for one another. The war is not going well. The French have surrendered and signed...
10 Feb. 1983
Of Love and War
Safely back from the bombing mission, Pug Henry begins to realize the strength of the mutual affection he and Pamela Tudsbury share for one another. Any plans to spend some time together are cut short when Pug is ordered to wrap up his affairs in Berlin and return to Washington for a new assignment. Rhoda Henry takes her relationship with Palmer Kirby a step further when they spend the night together at a country inn. Natalie and Byron meet in Lisbon and decide to get married. They too have very little time together when Byron's submarine is ordered to sea. Adolf ...
11 Feb. 1983
The Changing of the Guard
With the lend-lease Act about to be passed by Congress, The President asks Pug Henry to lead an informal escort of 70 merchant ships delivering much needed supplies to England. They're banking on the fact that the German U-Boats won't fire on neutral U.S. warships. After the mission, President Roosevelt promises Pug the command of a battleship. First however, he must go to Moscow where he is reunited with Pamela Tudsbury. Rhoda Henry goes on a week's holiday with her lover, Palmer Kirby. When the Henry's are invited to the White House for dinner, Byron asks the ...
13 Feb. 1983
Into the Maelstrom
Still assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Pug Henry saves the day when friction rises between the Russian hosts and their visitors at a State dinner. In return, Stalin agrees to greater cooperation with the U.S. He also agrees to let Pug visit the front lines. Pug isn't so sure about the visit when he learns that Pamela Tudsbury and her father will be accompanying him. Pug finally receives orders to command a battleship and is ordered to report to Pearl Harbor. En route, he meets Byron in Manila where they visit their old home and reminisce about their days there....

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