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  • Sort of. It is based on a sketch from SCTV called "The Great White North" (originally "Kanadian Korner") featuring the charecters of Bob and Doug McKenzie. The sketch became so popular that they decided to make it into a feature film. Edit

  • A sequel to the film, entitled Home Brew, was planned for production in 1999 when financing fell through at the last minute. Co-written by Dave Thomas and Paul Flaherty, Flaherty was also going to direct, and Dan Aykroyd was on board to play the part of friend Rick Ripple. Principal photography was to begin on July 19, 1999 in Toronto. At one point, Todd McFarlane was to step in as executive producer to revive financing for the film, but never followed through.

    The plot, according to a Maple Palm (Dave Thomas' production company) release, would feature Bob and Doug, now working as garbage men, being convinced by a fast talking insurance salesman (Aykroyd) to get into the microbrewing business.[ Edit



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