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  • Klopf in German means knock. This is used in the same way as in cards, meaning pass.

    Sam Kelly has said in interviews that Geering is saying 'Tler because he couldn't be bothered to say Heil Hitler, so he shortens it. It does seem to sound more like klopf than 'Tler, but that may not be deliberate. Edit

  • Series (season) five had an exceptionally long run of 26 episodes. The hope was that 'Allo 'Allo might find a syndication outlet in the United States, but when it didn't, the show's remaining years were returned to standard BBC length (6 to 10 episodes each). Edit

  • Difficult to answer, but whatever it seemed to effect Yvette, Mimi, Marie, Denise Laroque, Louise, and even Gruber. Michelle of the Resistance only pretended to have the hots for him. These attractions to René are designed in order to baffle the viewer deliberately, so as to be comedic. Many fans have pointed out that although Rene is feted as the 'hero of the resistance' it is actually Edith who always saves the day and is much braver and cleverer than her husband. Edit

  • It seems that the recipient wears the flying helmet, but it's anyone's guess where the celery comes in. There's an egg-whisk involved somewhere... Edit



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