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Sex & Nudity

  • One of the major sub-plots involves Rene having affairs with two waitresses. He is often seen kissing and embracing them, but hardly ever more than that. No nudity or sex is shown. The scenes generally last no longer than a few dozen seconds; they are often interrupted by his wife, who asks for an explanation to his behaviour, and Rene is forced to quickly come up with a funny excuse.
  • There are occasional references to sex and affairs. One time, when Rene is serving the guests with new glasses, he says that those glasses, according to the legend, were modelled on the breasts of Marie Antoinette; one of the guests says they should have been modelled in the breasts of another woman, present there at the moment; the woman gets very angry, forcing the man to apologise and declare that he has never seen her breasts.
  • There are many scenes of making out, although they generally last a short time, and are mostly made up of kissing and hugging; no nudity is shown.
  • Several women are often shown in their underwear and sexy clothes such as stockings and suspenders. They often show their legs up to the lower part of their bottoms, in order to seduce men. The purpose of seduction, although not explicitly mentioned, is abundantly obvious.
  • The waitresses are depicted as prostitutes. The selling of sex is rarely (if ever) explicitly mentioned, by it is made clear, and amounts of money are often mentioned. Extra additions, such as using boots, wet celery and an egg whisk, are often mentioned, and charged extra for.
  • One character is homosexual. Although the word is rarely (if ever) used, it is made clear. His intentions are clarified through comments like 'He has no interest in women of the opposite sex' and 'he is a bit more "that way"', whilst making a stereotypically gay hand gesture. However, he is rarely (if ever) mocked by his preferences.
  • No nudity is ever shown, apart from brief glimpses of 'The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies' by Van Klomp, which depicts a topless woman. The depiction is mostly artistic and non-sexual.
  • Sexual double entendres also exist. In one occasion, a man is with a woman who is trying to seduce him. He starts to hear the sound of the engine of his tank, and says, 'I think my engine is warming up'. Officer Crabtree speaks bad French, and this is shown by his distortion of some words; sometimes, these distortions have double entendres, such as 'dick' for 'dark', 'tits' for 'tarts', 'poop' for 'pipe', 'piss' for 'pass' and for 'peace'.

Violence & Gore

  • Some shooting, fistfights but mainly played for laughs. No gore or blood.


  • Plenty of misuses of 'God', and lots of instances of 'damn', 'heck' or other mild curse words. Lots of double entendres too (see the end of section 'Sex & Nudity' above).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People at the cafe are shown drinking and smoking. Sometimes people get drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • No frightening scenes, although there are a few intense scenes, which are nevertheless played for laughs. These scenes are mostly about instruments of torture and threats to their use. In one instance, a man is strapped to a wooden block, whilst slowly sliding towards a rotating blade, threatening to cut him in half, as he desperately cries; the process is stopped before anything else happens. In all, there are no real disturbing scenes: only threats of them.

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