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Season 7

Opening Night
A new season means a new chance at glory, that is if all hope isn't lost on day one, with team president Kristy Fullbright engaging in some extracurricular activities with the Bulls' brand new starting quarterback.
Old Dogs, New Tricks
T.D. undertakes a temporary stint as the Bulls' offensive coordinator, Kristy explores the possibility of building a relationship with the new quarterback, and Mad Dog learns how to manipulate the impressionable rookies into pulling pranks for him.
17 Oct. 1990
She's Ba-ack
Coach Denardo is crankier than usual as he begins contemplating his mortality on his 65th birthday, leading some players to pay his wife to take him out on the town and show him "a good time."
24 Oct. 1990
Altared States
Zagreb is caught and identified as the snitch who sold revealing information about, and pictures of, the Bulls to the media. Bubba and Jethro may want to join, however, once they discover that a reporter is willing to pay $50,000 for shots of Kristy and Mac's wedding.
31 Oct. 1990
Going in Style
The team falls under a wave of injury spells, with Dr. Death neglecting a potentially serious neck injury and Bubba mistaking a concussion for a terminal illness. Confusion and mistakes abound when Dr. Death mistakenly perceives a rookie's offer to help as him attempting to steal the doctor's job, and Bubba mistakes his wife's dog's prognosis for his own.
7 Nov. 1990
Don't Powerburst My Bubble
Mac and Kristy's marital problems accidentally leak into their professional relationship when Kristy threatens to bench Mac after he reveals his intentions to sign an endorsement deal that conflicts with his contract. Across town, Miles, T.D. and Jethro all discover that they're dating the same woman.
14 Nov. 1990
The Squeeze
Miles is caught up in a sticky situation when his girlfriend accuses him of being her unborn child's father and exploits him for cash. Zagreb reveals his gambling addiction has led to him being forced into throwing a game.
21 Nov. 1990
Take My Wives, Please!
Jethro and Bubba come across a briefcase filled with unclaimed cash. Hilarity ensues when Mac's ex-wife reenters the picture with unexpected news that they are not legally divorced.
28 Nov. 1990
Bull Day Afternoon
The Bulls team becomes trapped in a hostage situation at Bubba and Jethro's bar when armed robbers hold everyone against their will, alleging to free the roster and their guests of their captivity in exchange for one million dollars. With everyone's lives on the line and the future of the bar in jeopardy, nobody can predict what comes next for the Bulls.
5 Dec. 1990
Sex, Bulls and Videotape
Bubba is invited to participate in a celebrity boxing exhibition for charity, though, despite seemingly everyone else's encouragement, he is reluctant and frankly terrified to potentially injure himself, or worse. Also, Kristy's film major niece comes to town to film a highlight reel of the players, all of whom take a strong liking to her.
12 Dec. 1990
Irma Za-Greb
Dr. Death gets off on the wrong foot with the new equipment manager, who appears to know more than he lets on. Zagreb falls for a woman he believes to be a prostitute.
19 Dec. 1990
If I Didn't Play Football
On a particularly dark and stormy night, some of the guys kick back over a game of cards to fantasize about how different their lives might have been had they pursued professional interests other than football.
26 Dec. 1990
A Roast Is a Roast
T.D. is extended an offer that he can't refuse, a position as the president of the Bulls' Texan opponent, spotlighting his loyalty and forcing him to question his destiny. Separately, the shady equipment manager attempts to get between Jethro and Bubba with intent to commandeer their bar and profits.
Close Encounters of the Third Down
Tombstone Packer has a fascination with aliens, a recurring distraction that has begun inconveniencing coaches, cracking up players, and hindering Packer's preparation for the playoffs. After Dr. Death reveals it was all an elaborate prank, Packer is initially reluctant to believe it, until he decides it's better getting even than getting mad.
16 Jan. 1991
The players treat a romance-overloaded Putz to a recap of their various romantic escapades, including all of the embarrassing conquests that the various players have endured on their many quests for sexual gratification. The multitudinous personal and legal repercussions that they'd endured once roused disarray, but now amuse the players in humiliating retrospect.
23 Jan. 1991
Championship Game
The Bulls are back in another championship game, this time against an apparently superior opponent that always seems to be ten steps ahead of them. With so much on the line, especially with several veterans mulling retirement, the stakes could not be higher for the pursuit of one last national victory.

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