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Season 2

25 Aug. 1986
The Rookies
As training camp for the upcoming season approaches, the Bulls organization is abuzz with faces new and old. While Bubba and Jethro are delayed by their usual rambunctious hijinks, there's a shake-up on the roster when hot-headed walk-on Tom Yinessa tries to make his case for the quarterback spot.
1 Sep. 1986
The Veterans
When the Bulls veterans arrive for training camp, Diane must deal with the rising tensions in other leagues' front offices, as the potential for a players strike looms over the start of the season. Diane and Coach Denardo must deal with their severely injured veteran running back, T.D. Parker.
8 Sep. 1986
A Second Chance
Tom Yinessa returns to the Bulls with another shot at the quarterback position, but trouble grows within the receiving core as Clay Daniels begins to show serious signs of mental instability, and Jamie Waldren's drug problem starts to inhibit his abilities. All the while, Diane is picked to head an organization designed to combat the rampant drug use in the league.
15 Sep. 1986
Quarterbacks Tell No Tales
When Yinessa is accused in a public statement from the commissioner as one of the primary pushers of cocaine in the league, Diane is left to deal with the fallout, including growing pressure to cut him from the team.
22 Sep. 1986
California Freeze Out
When the need for a proper running back grows dire, Diane is forced to negotiate with Rick Lambert's scummy agent, Max Greene. Meanwhile, Johnny Valentine keeps company with the league's biggest pushers, and Waldren struggles to fully close the book on his cocaine addiction.
29 Sep. 1986
The Unkindest Cut
When Johnny Valentine refuses to take part in a drug rehab program, Diane's patience with his ego finally vanishes and she arranges to have him traded to Buffalo. In the meantime, Coach Denardo warns Bubba that his weight is putting his spot on the team in jeopardy.
30 Dec. 1986
Yinessa's Interview
Now the starting quarterback, Yinessa leads the Bulls to the playoffs once again and his surprising success attracts overwhelming attention from reporters, much to the frustration of some of his teammates. As the next game approaches, Diane is offered the opponent's playbook, which the coaches regard with suspicion and disbelief.

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